Monday, January 9, 2012

My first blogiversary

One year ago today, I jumped on the blog bandwagon and wrote my first post. Hard to believe I've been word-vomiting about my life for a whole year. I started this with the thought that it would be a good way for family to keep up with what's going on with us. Well, I'm not sure how much of my family actually reads this blog (other than my Mom), but I do know that I'm lucky to have "met" some other really great mommy bloggers through this blog. Thanks so much to everyone who cares enough to read my ramblings. I truly appreciate everyone and every single comment I receive! It was a good year, and it was nice to share it.

So without further ado, here are some highlights of our year.

January: Lorelai turned 6 months old and started on solids, Aidan lost his first teeth and the boys rode their scooters (oh, and I cooked a meat diaper).

January 2011

February: I celebrated Valentines day with my loves, Lorelai was super cute as always, Aidan got Beaver fever, and I laid the smack down with Aidan's 1st grade teacher (not really).

February 2011

March: The boys started soccer and Logan ended up being really good at it, I got random, and Lorelai turned into a vampire.

March 2011

April: Logan and Lorelai got tacky, Adam and I celebrated our 9th anniversary, we had fun on Easter, and Aidan hilariously misread a book title.

April 2011

May: Super busy month with lots of unseen footage. Lorelai got silly with Grandpa and played peek-a-boo with Grandma; we hung out with rarely seen cousins; I celebrated Mother's day and my 31st birthday; Lorelai started crawling; and I lost my ever loving $h!t over some snakes in the yard.

May 2011

June: I sucked at blogging and didn't post all the cute photos of the kids hanging out with their cousins from Atlanta, we celebrated Father's day with Adam, my Aunt gave the boys swim lessons, and I started running.

June 2011

July: Another super busy month! Aidan started second grade; we went to the beach and aquarium to celebrate Aidan's 7th birthday; Lorelai turned 1 and we had a party for her.

July 2011

August: Adam turned 32 and the boys picked out some awesome gifts for him, and Lorelai started walking.

August 2011

September: Logan turned 5 and Adam and I took a vacation for a friend's wedding. Plus, there was a random shrimp crayfish in our driveway.

September 2011

October: Duh, halloween. Also: pumpkin patch, peanut allergy, and my first 10k!! What I didn't blog about: there was a scary Dora at my niece's 3rd birthday, Aidan dressed up for tacky day at school, and he won an award for self-discipline (completely unrelated to being tacky).

October 2011

November: There was sickness and more sickness, but then we all got better and had a nice Thanksgiving.

November 2011

December: Adam and I lost our minds and decided to start a kitchen renovation right before Christmas, Jack the elf showed up, I made an advent calendar, and we had an awesome Christmas.

December 2011

What a year! Thanks again for reading.


  1. Happy anniversary!! Mine is next week ... I think ...

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Love all the little photo collages - you are GOOD!

  3. Thanks everyone! Ariel, I did my collages in Picasa and uploaded them to photobucket--super easy!


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