Monday, March 28, 2011

A soccer star is born

Proud mom bragging alert (as if you couldn't tell from the title)... Logan had his first soccer game this weekend and he was AWESOME! The only soccer experience Logan has had is a Lil' Kickers class last spring and he's never played in any kind of real game before, so Adam was a little nervous that he would just stand around and not do anything (like most of the kids did during practice). Well not our little star. He played with such focus and natural talent. He scored at least 8 goals (so many that we lost count) and his team won the game by a landslide (13 to 5 maybe?).

Such focus and determination!

Adam's the assistant coach so during games, he coaches/refs half the team on one half of the field while the other coach handles the other half. He did a great job trying to get all the kids involved and I think he was pleasantly surprised that the ones who were actually playing listened to him really well. It was so cute, he would give his players a high-five after each goal, so when the other team scored, they all started coming up to Adam for high-fives as well.
 They played 5v5 (U4 is supposed to be 4v4 on half field but Adam and the other coach didn't want to sit anyone out) but it might as well have been 3v5 since Logan and another boy and occasionally another girl were the only ones who wanted anything to do with the ball. Bless their hearts, there was one girl on his team who literally stood in the middle of the field messing with her shirt until her parents pulled her off, and another boy who stood in the corner and didn't do anything (his parents had to keep encouraging him to stay on the field).

Logan in action. His teammate, not so much...

He's got two games this weekend so I hope to get a video of him actually scoring. I kept missing them because I was trying to record Logan and feed Lorelai some green beans at the same time. Then the Flip died. Sigh. Here's one video I did get of him in action.

Ok, I'm done bragging...for now ☺.


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