Thursday, January 26, 2012


Adam and I don't go out much together, just two of us without the kids. So I was super excited about my company's holiday* party as a chance to get out and have some grown-up fun. And by grown-up fun, I clearly mean dancing around like a fool, playing Wii Mario Kart (terribly), and making goofy faces in a photo booth with mature props like feather boas, glitter lips and mustaches. Really the main thing that made this seem like a grown-up outing was the copious amounts of alcohol. Open bar all night? Sure, why not have another one!

photo booth fun
photo booth fun 

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later. Ha!


My fancy shoes even made another appearance, and I'm happy to report that I didn't fall a single time. Although they did come off when I danced, and several other times throughout the night since those suckers hurt like a mutha!

fancy shoes

Speaking of dancing, I totally worked it with the Cupid's Shuffle and the Wobble. I may have even gotten low to Lil Jon. To the window, to the wall. Yo.

We also went on a carriage ride through the streets of downtown Raleigh. But by "we" I don't me me and Adam, since he thought a carriage ride in the cold rain would be lame. Pshhh, whatever :) It had actually stopped raining by the time we went, but it was super cold. Since Adam bailed, I cuddled up with my friend CC.

Carriage ride

Although I, personally, didn't drink copious amounts of alcohol, there were a few people who did. Like the random dude at the hotel bar after the party who passed out cold and fell off the stool. EMTs showed up and everything. But the best part was the fight that almost happened between our friend Mike and random dude's friend. Then that jerk started talking trash to Mike's wife, Katherine. Don't worry, I totally had her back with a well timed "Dude, what the f&#%! Chill the f&#% out" because I'm tough like that. Ha, not really, but I would have loved to see that guy throw a punch at Katherine, like he claimed he wanted to do (again, not really). What a way to end a night.

Good times!

Becky and Katherine; Katherine and Adam
That's my friend Katherine. Why anyone would want to punch her in the face, I'll never know.

And I'm really glad we spent the night because sleeping in the next morning was wonderful.

*Technically a post-holiday party, since it was a month after Christmas, but due to scheduling issues in December, it seems to always end up in January. Yet they never change the name. Whatevs. Free food and booze, who cares what it's called!

PS: Go Heels!


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