Sunday, April 17, 2011

You read a book called WHAT?!?!

The other day I asked Aidan what book he read during DEAR time. I couldn't believe my ears when he told me so I asked him THREE times to repeat himself. Finally I asked him to just spell it for me because he had to have been mispronouncing it.

K-U-N-T is what he spelled out for me. Thankfully we were in the car so he couldn't see the look of shock on my face. He told me it's about a polar bear who "lives somewhere that's not Alaska or Africa. Maybe North Carolina?" At that point I'm almost laughing hysterically at all that's wrong with what I'm hearing.

When Adam got home, I told him to ask Aidan what he read. More hilarity ensued (not where Aidan could see us cracking up though). Adam may have even asking him if the polar bear was hairy. So bad.

I eventually figured out that he read a book about Knut, the polar bear who was born into captivity in a Berlin zoo in 2006, rejected by his mother, and raised by zookeepers. Sadly I also read that Knut recently passed away suddenly. (Note to self: check this book out from the library.)

Anyway, "Knut" makes SO much more sense than what he told us he read. Aidan's usually a good reader, but I can see how he could misread an unfamiliar word like Knut. However we really do need to work on his reading comprehension some more. Berlin is not even remotely similar to North Carolina! Ha!

Knut the polar bear

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