Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's crawling!

Breaking news: Lorelai has finally decided to crawl!

Aidan and Logan saw it first, while Adam and I were cleaning up from dinner tonight. I thought they were joking, but sure enough, she was across the room from where I put her!

Sure, she's got to work on her form (what's that right leg doing??), but she's moving! She's been pulling up for a while, so I started thinking she might be one of those kids you hear about who skip crawling and go straight to walking. That would have pretty cool, but I'm ok with her just crawling for now.

Although, this means we really need to do some serious baby proofing. I was definitely dreading the crawling because our house isn't baby-proofed at all. We have outlets covered, but that's about it. There are so many small toys the boys play with that are total choking hazards. Yikes!

And here's some peekaboo with Lorelai while we were trying to get her in the mood to crawl.

Love that girl ♥

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