Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

We totally got the snow day I had hoped for. It was only about 1.5" and the snow started to fall later than they predicted so the 3-hour early dismissal yesterday was for nothing (I was totally right to be skeptical of the larger predictions), but it was enough to cancel school today and plenty for the kids to enjoy. Safe to say Lorelai is a fan of her first real experience with snow, since the last time we got any real snowfall was when she was an infant.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

Since we don't get snow very often, we don't have much snow gear, including a sled. Or a really the sled wouldn't have mattered much anyway. :)

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Note that Lorelai is in a snow bib two sizes too small and one of the boys' old rain coats (because waterproof), and Aidan is wearing my Timberlands and my pants over his jeans. Make do with what you have, right?

While I was stuck inside on 3 hours worth of conference calls for work (although I popped outside a few times in between calls to crunch in the snow and snap some pics), they rummaged through the garage to find things to play with in the snow. Pool noodles, it is. It wasn't really good snowman snow and I was inside when they did snow angels (sad face), but they also cleaned off Adam's car and "shoveled" the driveway with those pool noodles. Needless to say, it's still covered in snow, which is even more packed down as a result of their work.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
Not pictured: Adam, who was also inside working, and then traveling against my wishes over an hour away for work. :(

Eh, whatever. Because they had fun, just as I had hoped. It was magical to them, and they willingly came in as soon as their noses and fingers were numb (took over an hour though!) and they warmed up under blankets, sipping on hot chocolate, just like I had hoped.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

It was a good day. Minus the whole numb fingers/can't get warm and having to work all day, of course. :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow please?

I complain about cold weather a lot. Like a LOT. Because I hate to be cold. Because bundling kids up just to get out the door in the morning is a PITA. Because cold, dry weather makes my hands (and Logan's--holy whoa, his were bleeding the other day!) unbearably dry and cracked. Because of static hair everywhere.

But as much as I hate all of that, I really REALLY want to have a legit snow day. I'm not talking about a lame dusting like we had last week, I want multiple inches on the ground so we're snowed in. Forced to stay home under blankets on the couch sipping hot chocolate. Only going outside to throw snowballs and make snow angels until our noses and fingers get numb (but not a minute longer!).

Currently, we're in the 2-4" range but I wouldn't be mad at closer to 5". Although I'm even doubtful we'll get 2" given our track record...

Cold sucks, but snow is magical and beautiful. Especially if you live in a place where it's fairly rare. :) And especially when you have kids who haven't seen much of it. Experiencing snow through the eyes of my children makes me remember how giddy I always got at the prospect of a snow day when I was a kid.

Of course, snow days as an adult are completely different (the downside of being able to telecommute is that you don't really get a day off) but I can live vicariously.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}
January 2009. I think we got 4 or 5 inches?

But let's not be crazy--I'll be happy with one or two moderate snow storms a year. You northerners can keep your multiple feet of snow because we'd literally be snowed in for weeks if we got what you're getting. And then I'd be cold AND stir-crazy. No thanks! :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Recommitting myself

From Halloween through Christmas is pretty much one big junk food grab fest for me. Combine that with lack of exercise due to time during the holidays and cold weather and voila: holiday weight gain. And I'm obviously not alone. So it's no wonder so many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year to start working out, get in better shape, yada yada. #duh

I haven't technically made any resolutions, but I have tried to recommit myself (not to the nut house, although I probably belong there sometimes) to better eating and fitness habits this year, and so far so good?

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

I'd say so. Considering that I haven't run at all in MONTHS, I impressed and surprised the heck out of myself with the run I had yesterday. It was a nice 50* sunny day so I figured I'd go out for a bit of a run. As I was headed out the door, I even told Adam that I didn't expect much, but I'd see what I could do. And what do you know, I ran 4.6 miles for 50 minutes straight. Sure, my pace wasn't the fastest (and even my best of 9:49/mi isn't all that fast) but I didn't stop or walk at all. And the best part? I know I could have kept going for at least a little while longer, but I had to stop because dinner was ready.

Honestly, I haven't been feeling that great about myself lately. My pants are tighter, which makes me uncomfortable and self-conscious about the extra pudge in my waist. Hopefully this running win is the motivation I need to keep at it.

In addition to that, I've been doing the plank challenge this month because my midsection is my worst trouble spot. Granted, not the full 30 days since I could already do a full 2min30 plank (basically started at day 17), but tonight I did my first 4 minute plank! I did NOT think it was possible to get past the already difficult 3m30, but mind over matter and I did it. The goal is to get to 5+ minutes, so I guess we'll see.

I've also been going to Zumba every Monday (clearly the cardio is paying off big time!), and there have been several Wii Just Dance sweat sessions since Christmas. A great way to get the whole family up and moving. :)

To top it all off, Adam and I are also seriously considering getting kettlebells to really help tone/firm. Anyone have experience or recommendations with those?!

 photo 21D4DE94-1111-49B7-9FE1-E2A39EC14262_zpshmvaw7cg.jpg

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You. I'm trying.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Even Years

Coincidentally, it seems like almost all of the biggest and best things in my life happen in an even year.

In 1980 I was born.

In 1996 I got my first car and my driver's license.

In 1998 I graduated high school and started college.

In 2002 I got married.

In 2004 I had my first child. (I also lost my job at the beginning of that year, so it was a combination of the best/worst year. At least I ended on a high note.)

In 2006 I had my second child.

In 2010 I had my third child.

The biggest exception is 2001, when I turned 21 in May and graduated from college a semester early in December. And of course, the odd years when I conceived all of my children. :)

Even though we started the year off on January 1 with a sick little girl, I'm choosing to believe that's not an indicator of the year to come.

 photo IMG_8262_zps6c32f428.jpg
Lorelai had an unexplained high fever for a couple days and she was a pitiful little thing for a while there.

Fortunately, Adam is settling into his new job and I got very positive feedback on my annual review at work, so for the most part, we're starting off on the right foot.

 photo IMG_8365_zpscafa4a2a.jpg
And clearly the right foot means ridiculous and poor quality selfies at the stroke of midnight on NYE. Cheers to 2014!

I won't be having any babies or marriages this year, but I do have high hopes for 2014. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint!