Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby wipes don't get rid of the smell of vomit.

You know it's almost never a good thing when you see daycare pop up on your caller ID during the middle of the day. Lorelai's teacher called this afternoon to tell me that she had thrown up, so I went and got her right away.

Fortunately no fever, so we're hoping it's just something she ate that upset her tummy, and once she get's it all out, she'll be ok. I got her home and all she wanted to do was snuggle.

sick Lorelai

And then she threw up all over herself and me. YUCK. But you know you're a mom when you care more about how your baby feels than the fact that there's vomit all over your pants and the floor. I got her all cleaned up and changed and tried my best to get the vomit smell off of me with baby wipes, with no such luck.

She felt better for a while so we strolled to the bus stop to get Aidan and she walked back home. I guess that tired her out because she fell asleep snuggling when we got back home.

Sick Lorelai, sleeping

One more vom before dinner (that time I made it to the sink with her), but then she perked up again and was ready to eat. We rocked the BRAT diet with some rice Chex and applesauce. She's bathed and in bed now, so we're just hoping she makes it through the night without any more incidents.

And we're also really hoping no one else gets sick. I'm having flashbacks to a month ago when we were all super sick from some sort of stomach bug that started with Lorelai. Let me tell you, I can't remember the last time I felt that terrible. I have less than no desire to relive laying outside the bathroom door with Logan, us both writhing in pain, or following Aidan to the bathroom in the middle of the night to clean up his throw up and almost passing out from dehydration. It was BAD and seriously can't happen again. SERIOUSLY.


  1. I passed an award on to you :)

  2. Hey Tiffanie, thanks SO much! And I totally agree with you about the Pinterest addiction :)


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