Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Easter

Our Easter this year was filled with a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress on her first Easter...

handsome boys...

cute cousins...

My sister's son Shaun (top left); my sister's daughter Raina (bottom left);
Adam's sister's son Isaiah (bottom right)

egg hunts and plastic eggs galore...

toes in the grass on a warm spring day...

too much candy...

The kids LOVED the fake teeth they found in some of the eggs!

and most importantly, family time!

That's my mom with Lorelai. My sister is in the light pink and her boyfriend
is on the top right. Adam's sister is in the hot pink. My uncle and cousin
are in the background. 

I didn't take many pictures inside, so I'm cursing myself that I didn't get pictures of the entire family who gathered for a wonderful Easter dinner at my mom's house. And it was quite the gathering of family! My mom had us five over, along with my aunt and uncle and two of my cousins, my sister, her boyfriend and her two kids, Adam's youngest sister and her son, as well as Adam's parents and two grandmothers. I'm so lucky that my family and Adam's in-town family can all spend holidays together.

It was a wonderful Easter.

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  1. What a cute family!Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm always happy to hear from other North Carolinians.


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