Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lorelai is walking!

I've been holding off on posting this one until Lorelai started walking more than she was crawling, and it seems like that's finally happened! We officially have a toddler!

She took her first three independent steps a few days after her birthday. Unfortunately Adam was out of town so he missed it, but Aidan, Logan, my mom and I were all there to witness it (of course I didn't have the Flip handy, boooo). The next day at school, the teachers said she got up and walked about 12 steps across the room. Still, it took about a week after that before she would stand up on her own in the middle of the room and start taking some steps. 

Here she is 2 weeks ago when she really started getting better at it.

She's become much more confident over the past week, and can make it all the way across our big kitchen now. She's still unsteady on her feet at times and kind of looks like a baby Frankenstein when she walks, but she's at the point where if she falls, she'll usually get right back up and continue to try walking, instead of giving up and crawling.

It's so cute how excited the boys would get each time they saw her start walking. It's like they were surprised each time, and just so proud and encouraging of her (you can hear Aidan in the video above). They'd smile and clap and praise her big time—it's no wonder she wanted to keep trying just for them! She's still got to work on her form a bit, but I'm sure she'll be running around after the boys in no time. (Oh my goodness, no, not my BABY!)

Here she is walking earlier this evening. Not bad, huh? :)

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  1. Hi Becky! Lorelai is so precious taking her 1st steps and then just walking around like she's been doing it for awhile! I especially loved hearing the family voices in the background too.
    I have a blog also but haven't been very consistent with it until the last couple days. Hope to keep it up.
    Love to you all!!!
    Aunt Rebecca

  2. Thanks! And Adam got your card, he says thanks!


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