Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well hello there, 2012. We started off the year on a fun note at my friends' annual New Year's Eve party while my mom had a slumber party at our house with the kids. I tried (and failed) to stay on my feet all night in my new party shoes. There may or may not have been some adult beverages involved, but the real culprit is the fact that I have no experience in 5-inch platform heels (I swear, and you can't convince me otherwise!). But they were only 15 bucks and go with my navy dress, so I just couldn't pass them up, walking be damned.

glitter shoes
My heel got caught in the back deck and down I went. Hoping for better luck when I wear
them to my company party in a few weeks!

After a lazy morning on the couch recovering from a fun night (me and Adam) and trying to recover from a mysterious case of the hives (Aidan), the kids and I went to watch Adam play in an alumni soccer game at our high school. We enjoyed the nice 60 degree weather (before the cold blows in) and Adam started of the new year with some exercise, good for him!

alumni soccer game

Having fun on the bleachers, but check out those hives! My poor Aidan :(

Let's just hope that me falling on my butt and Aidan having hives aren't a sign of the year to come. (Oh, and my possible case of pink eye. Yeah, awesome.) Seems like all the best stuff happens for me during the even years: my birth (obvs), getting married, kids being I have high hopes for 2012. (Though there will be no more marriages or kids for me, ha!) A trip to London is in the works, so that should be a real highlight!

So I don't usually declare any official resolutions, but I do have some goals I want to achieve. I guess they're technically resolutions, whatever.
  • Start running again. I got lazy after the 10k in October, and with the shorter days, colder weather, holidays and sickness I've been dealing with, I pretty much quit running. I'm hoping I haven't lost all of my endurance, but I'm definitely going to try my hardest to make time for exercise starting soon. Maybe I'll start with yoga while it's really cold, but I really do want to run in another race in 2012, so I've got to start training again.
  • Take better photos. Adam and the boys got me a nice new camera lens for Christmas and I'd love to learn how to use it, and my camera better. 
  • Get better about sharing/maintaining my photos. I'm so bad about leaving pictures on my camera, building up a huge backlog of unedited and more importantly, unshared photos. I should also really catch up with my photo albums, but I've got almost 2 years of unprinted photos that need to be in an album, and that's just plain daunting, so I'll just start by posting them more often (on the blog and Facebook). What good is a photo if no one ever sees it? Which leads me to my next one...
  • Blog more regularly. Even if it's just a few words and couple of pictures. I started this blog with the best of intentions, and I disappointed myself that I didn't keep up with it like I had planned. 
  • Do more Pinterest projects. I've spent so much time pinning tons of cool things, I really need to follow through. There's a sunburst mirror I'm dying to DIY (even though sunburst mirrors are SO 2011, lol).
  • Organize my house. The boys' closet is piled high with toys, the linen closet is bursting at the seams, half of the garage is almost unusable, and the desk in the middle of our kitchen/living room is a total eyesore. I will organize at LEAST one of those spaces this year.
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets. I've got to put this one on here. Adam and I are know to be all talk, little action, so I don't want that huge portion of our kitchen renovation to go undone. Since we're planning on tackling it ourselves, it's a time-consuming project that has procrastination written all over it!
Of course I'd also like to eat more healthy, but I've already tried and failed miserably, so I won't set myself up for failure yet again. But these goals seem manageable to me, so we'll see how well I do. I've got a whole 12 months, that's plenty of time! (Famous last words, right?!)

Happy New Year!


    1. I have that lens too, it's my favorite that I own! Pinterest has some great DSLR tutorials on it!

    2. Eh, I'm going to go with 2012 just wanted you to get all the yucky stuff over with on the first day and the rest of the year will be great!


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