Sunday, January 29, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 2}

Despite the whole LASIK disappointment on Friday and all the anxiety leading up to the big day, we had a pretty good week. Work was slightly less busy for me than it had been, so that was a nice change of pace. Plus Adam was here all week, yay! Highlight of the week: Aidan lost his fifth tooth (my work party wasn't too shabby, either). Lowlight: Logan's came down with a cold and feels pretty crappy.

We started off last weekend super lazy, lounging in bed.
Saturday morning snuggles

Then the kids and I watched Phineas and Ferb and lounged on the couch some more while Adam was at a class he has to take for work. We were really glad when Adam got home since he was gone almost all last week! Then Adam and I left the kids to go to my work party. Poor kids barely got to see daddy much until Sunday.
more lounging

On Sunday, Adam and I got home at lunch time, lounged around (in my new slippers!) for a while while the kids rested, then we vacuumed. And listened to Lorelai scream and cry until I went on a solo grocery trip. Sunday fun day, fo real.

On Monday evening I got my eyes dilated, and this is how they still looked on Tuesday. Plus, Aidan did his homework.
Tuesday eyes and homework

On Tuesday, I made crispy cheddar chicken for the first time. Logan was not a fan (as per usual with new things, boo). I thought it was pretty tasty, but I don't know if I did it right because it wasn't as ah-MAZE-ing as I expected based on the reviews. Maybe it's the sauce that makes the dish? I skipped the sauce. Oh well. But afterwards, we had an impromptu dance party. Party rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time. Every day I'm shufflin'.
Tuesday dinner and dance party

On Wednesday, we went out for pizza and subs. The TV was way more interesting to the boys than chatting with mom and dad. Of course.
Wednesday pizza night

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day after a pretty rainy week (and there have been a bunch of mild days like it, so our daffodils are already starting to pop up). Since I didn't end up getting my LASIK, I worked from home that afternoon and was able to walk to the bus stop to get Aidan (I usually drive there straight from work and wait in my car).
Friday's beautiful weather

Aidan greeted me off the bus with a toothless grin and tooth in a bag because he pulled his tooth out at school. Logan came down with a cold and was not feeling well at dinner. Also, Lorelai raided the diaper bag for a baby wipe. That's her thing these days--she loves to wipe her face with a baby wipe. The other day she even snuck upstairs for one. She's obsessed.
Aidan's toothless, Logan's sick, Lorelai loves wipes

Somehow I managed not to take any photos from yesterday or today. But, I did do a much better job of getting pics of ALL of my kids this week! I did take a lot more photos than normal just so I would have ones to choose from for this post :)

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