Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The new floors are in!

The floors went in the Thursday before Christmas and they look ah-MAZE-ing. It took them all.freaking.day to do 700 square feet of kitchen, breakfast area, dining room and foyer and it left a huge mess of sawdust everywhere, but we're so pleased with the final results.

hand scraped chestnut hickory laminate wood floors

We went with a hand scraped chestnut hickory laminate wood floor from Lowes. We debated between hardwood and laminate, but ultimately the lower cost and durability of the laminate won out. The floors were actually what finally kick started the kitchen reno. We just happened to be at Lowes and wandered into the flooring section where we saw the installation special they were having--$397 for the entire house, which would save us about $1000 for our 700 sf! Only one day left on the special so we jumped on it right away, and booked our measurement appointment to lock in the price.

kitchen floors: before and after

The color isn't quite as red as the first picture, but a little warmer than the second picture. I love the hand scraped textured look and I'm hoping it'll help hide any wear and tear from the kids. One of the best parts is that we no longer have a really awkward 1-inch transition from the old kitchen linoleum to the foyer. It was an annoying tripping hazard and I'm so glad it's gone.

Next up is the back splash. Adam has a guy he knows coming on Thursday to do that and the electrical work (to hide the exposed wire and boxes). We're going with a white subway tile with a white and gray mosaic tile accent. I'm so excited, it's all coming together!


  1. Hello. I am considering having these same floors installed in my home. Yours look beautiful! I wanted to see if you were happy with them so far and get some feedback. I have 4 children and am worried about water, durability, cleaning etc. I'm torn between installing tile or laminate wood.


    1. Hey Danielle, we still really love our floors! They're easy to clean, in addition to vaccuming I either use the Bruce hardwood cleaner or our steam mop (the installers said that as long as the mop didn't leave too much water behind, the floors were durable enough to withstand the occasional steam mop). We were definitely paranoid about water getting on them at first, but we haven't had any issues with water damage from the occasional drops that happen and don't get cleaned up right away (like in the powder from hand washing).

      The kids have definitely not been as gentle as we'd like on them with toys, etc, and they're holding up really well. My husband did drop a screwdriver in the corner of the dining room and there's a nick on the floor, but it's actually not as bad as I thought it would have been from the way it fell. It can be easily disguised with one of those wood markers, probably. Although I'm sure it wouldn't have left a mark in tile, I can't help but think tile would be colder and harder underfoot. I think the laminate feels easier on the feet than the linoleum we used to have.

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!


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