Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is it with me and pink eye?!?

Seriously? Pink eye AGAIN?! Seriously?!? The week before I'm supposed to have LASIK and I wake up with a bright red, painful, itchy, crusty eye. OMG.

I didn't even think I touched my eyeballs any more since I stopped wearing contacts last week, so I have no idea how I got it. None of the kids have it (yet...knock on wood!) and I completely replaced my mascara and doused my eyeliner in alcohol after the last time (which may or may not have been actual conjunctivitis, but whatever it was cleared up on its own in a couple of days and wasn't nearly as bad as the mess I've got going on now). Who knows, maybe Lorelai stuck her finger up her nose and then in my eye. Totally possible since we're in the naming body parts phase. Also totally ew.

Fortunately, I had my LASIK pre-op appointment already scheduled for this morning (standard follow up tests looked good!), so the doctor prescribed me some heavy-duty antibiotic/steroid combo drops and said as long as it clears up before Friday, it shouldn't affect my surgery. He'll see me on Monday to follow up (and also dilate my eyes as a pre-op thing, fun).

So in addition to the drops for pink eye which I have to use 4x daily until the day of surgery, he also prescribed me the standard antibiotic and steroid drops I'm supposed to start 3x a day 3 days before surgery. That's 10 drops a day, geez! I hope I can remember them all...

eye drops
Eye drops plus ambien for after the surgery.

Side note: I'm now $150 poorer thanks to these meds and the epi pen 2-pack for Lorelai. They couldn't have prescribed me some generic eye drops?? Geez!

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  1. I seriously think we are soul sisters. I too am the queen of pink eye (and not proud of it). Anytime I feel even the slightest twinge in my eye I start to panic. Sending "happy thoughts" your way!


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