Thursday, November 27, 2014


To be honest, this year hasn't been the greatest. Too much death, sadness, pain, and frustration. But amidst all of that emotional turmoil is when it's probably most important to be thankful and focus on the positive. Because regardless of how sad you are, there's ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

I really do have so, SO much to be thankful for. And as always, these amazing little people are at the top of my list.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

Lorelai: "I'm thankful for Mommy and Daddy and the boys. I'm thankful for Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Ellie."

It was on Thanksgiving 5 years ago when we found I was pregnant with her. I so love that I always have that memory to look back on every Thanksgiving.

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

Logan: "I'm most thankful for family."

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

Aidan: "I'm thankful for my family, the toys we have, TV..."

We're hanging out at home this morning and then packing up our broccoli salad, purple cauliflower and apple crisp and heading to Adam's parents for our "Turkey Day Feast" as Lorelai keeps calling it. So of course I'm thankful that my awesome in-laws are handling the turkey this year. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not a pumpkin picking post

I've talked up my love for farm fun many (many many) times, so it's no surprise that we made our way back to our favorite farm for their corn maze and other activities.

 photo October2014_collage7_zpscb09bfea.jpg

 photo October2014_collage2_zps4526bd8a.jpg

But we almost didn't make it. Between soccer on Saturdays, neighborhood picnics, rainy weekends, and our trip to Great Wolf Lodge at the beginning of the month, it was down to the wire--we went the Sunday before Halloween.

 photo October2014-081_zps98a429a1.jpg

 photo October2014-063_zps85b91777.jpg

I had every intention of us picking pumpkins off the vine--something I was so mad we missed last year. But because we waited so long, it was really slim pickings. The pumpkins some people were coming back with were fugly. So after all my ranting last year, not only did we not pick our own pumpkins, we didn't get any at all. Total fail.

But that just left us more time to do all the fun farm activities they have. Top of this list, always: bouncing!

 photo October2014-024_zps43a6f773.jpg

 photo October2014_collage3_zps47094880.jpg

 photo October2014_collage1_zpsd1d36703.jpg

There was also sliding and riding (holy wow, that tractor ride went through part of the corn maze this year and bounced us around like crazy! I think my bruises might still be healing!).

 photo October2014_collage8_zps4bed7ab1.jpg

 photo October2014_collage5_zpsb20ed807.jpg

Pedal carts...

 photo October2014_collage6_zpsd40f682d.jpg

Goats (awwww!), football, pumpkin slingshots, tether ball...

 photo October2014_collage4_zps0ef40d88.jpg

 photo October2014-087_zpsb65f6996.jpg
Little brother hits big brother in the nards, then points and laughs. :)

We had hours of fun on a surprisingly warm fall day. I almost didn't even miss the pumpkins. Maybe the yummy kettlecorn distracted me. :)

 photo October2014-060_zps750d2d38.jpg

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween '14

Halloween kind of snuck up on me this year. One would assume a Friday Halloween would be ideal--all week to anticipate, and then no alarm the next morning. But one would be wrong, if you're me. A busy week at work completely distracted me, and the (very unusual) 5:45 wakeup call from Lorelai the next morning had me completely regretting the extra candy and later bedtime.

 photo Halloween2014-030_zpsb2e98750.jpg

We also completely neglected to get any real pumpkins, so I had to go with fake ones on the porch. We put off going to the pumpkin patch until the weekend before, and by that time, it looked like really slim pickings on the field (based on some fugly ones people were bringing back), plus we were busy doing other things at the farm. So I figured I'd just stop by the grocery store on the way home one day that week...but it completely skipped my mind. Who forgets to get pumpkins for Halloween?!

At least the costumes were easy this year. Lorelai had been asking incessantly to be Elsa, but I told her probably not--those costumes were expensive! But just my luck, my sister-in-law had a beautiful Elsa-ish dress that no longer fit Lorelai's cousin Luca, so she brought it to us when we met them at Great Wolf Lodge. Lorelai LOVES this dress. It also has hip things (no idea what they're called) but that makes the dress lean more towards the Cinderella side, so Lorelai left them off for Trick-or-Treating.

 photo Halloween2014-023_zps9577cb05.jpg

 photo Halloween2014-016_zps4bc5aeaf.jpg

Since she couldn't do a bounce house at her school carnival or run around a park with a full hoop skirt, we put together a second costume with her butterfly wings and a tutu.

 photo Halloween2014_collage2_zps208d19f7.jpg

Aidan and Logan ended up deciding on beards from Target, without any real plan. They just really liked the funny beards. In hindsight, we totally should have gone the ZZ Top route because we have a couple of play guitars--oh well. People assumed they were Duck Dynasty guys, but they were just non-specific bearded men. Grandpa and dad, according to Lorelai. Or, bearded Man...Chester United fans according to me (since they wore their jerseys to go with their Man U beanies they had to wear to keep the beard elastic in place).

 photo Halloween2014-024_zpsd6161115.jpg

Since the kids got almost a whole bucket full of candy last week from ToTing at my work, we only hit a few houses on Halloween night. Then they just hung out on the front porch giving out candy. Fun was had by all!

 photo Halloween2014_collage1_zps2139381b.jpg

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm still here

Hello...anyone still there? {Dusts cobwebs off this long-neglected blog of mine...} I'm still here. I've just been completely unmotivated to write anything. Or take many pictures. Or do anything with the few pictures I have taken. Sigh.

But we've been busy! The boys started soccer, we went to Great Wolf Lodge on their fall break, gave Lorelai's room a complete makeover, rode ponies at a neighborhood cookout, went to our favorite farm for some fall fun, did school projects, took Logan to urgent care for an infected wound, went to birthday parties and Halloween parties and fall carnivals and overloaded on candy. Whew!

{A Lazy Crazy Life}

So I've got lots to write about, and a handful of half-written posts that sit neglected on my computer. I just need to find some motivation and make time to finish them.

I miss my little blog and I know I will regret not documenting our happenings lately.