Monday, January 16, 2012

The brains, they are rotting

Not sure why Santa finally gave in and gave Aidan a 3DS after holding strong for 2 straight years. And now? He's obsessed. Logan's obsessed. Rotting brains.

Exhibit A
playing the 3DS

Exhibit B
playing the 3DS again

And with all of the video game hoopla, Adam had to get in on the action and get back out his PSP. Of course the boys drop everything to watch. Daddy's so cool.

Exhibit C
Adam playing his PSP
Like father, like son

Not pictured: Exhibits D-Z of one or both of the boys playing their video games or watching Adam play his. If it's not the playstation, it's angry birds on the phone. Sigh. Boys will be boys?

We do have rules that the boys have been really good with so far: obey the time limits we set (usually no more than 30 minutes); no fighting over it or because of it; schoolwork comes first; they don't get to keep them in their rooms; and we do either one show OR video game, not both.

All in all, I guess it could be worse. Aidan is still way into books and had Big Nate and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series right up there on his Christmas list along with the DS. As long as he reads just as much as he plays video games, his brain won't rot too much, right?

On that note, I think we need to make a date with the library. :)


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