Monday, October 1, 2012

Junk food detox

What is it about vacations that bring out the absolute worst eating habits in me? I act like calories consumed on vacation don't count, which we all know isn't true (that only applies to birthdays and Thanksgiving, right?!).

Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q on the way down and back, constant snacking on chips and dip, Klondike bars for dessert, beer/wine/sodas to drink...even a simple trip to the Redbox at CVS with the boys turned into a mad grab for nerds, sour gummy worms, red vines, peanut m&ms, combos and a HUGE bag of cheesy poofs.

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Cheesy poofs and red vines not pictured because they were inhaled in no time flat. Shame.

Basically the whole weekend was a total binge-fest (with the exception of a shrimp and veggie pasta dish my mom and I made). Adam and I both felt like total crap after we got back last night, so I'm on a mission to detox from the junk food this week. My goal is no chips, no candy, no sodas or alcohol (which isn't a big deal because I only drink water/coffee/green tea during the week anyway) and LOTS of extra water, fruit and veggies. I'm going to work out at least three times this week and hopefully start feeling less bloated and blah.

Ugh. I hate feeling like this...


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