Sunday, October 14, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 33}


  • Daycare was closed for Columbus Day, but they boys' school wasn't, so I stayed home with Lorelai all day. She was actually really good, despite making her presence known during a couple of my 4 conference calls. Cutest co-worker I've ever had, hands down :)
  • It's been downright cold overnight lately, which normally wouldn't be a highlight for me, but I'm actually loving the return of my seat warmer. There's something really comforting about a warm tush (wow, that's weird).
  • The weather was really nice for soccer practice on Wednesday.
  • Lorelai woke up early this morning (NOT a highlight) but she was super snuggly, and even rubbed my back(!!) which was awesome.
  • I happened across the Jetsons on Kids on Demand this morning and "made" the boys watch it, because I used to watch it as a kid. Then I found Fraggle Rock on Netflix and had them watch that. If only I had found the Snorks... (80's nostalgia continues--for those who follow on Instagram, I'll have a full post on my Friday outfit).
  • Aidan had a soccer game on Saturday, so we woke Lorelai up from her nap early to go. Too bad we got the time wrong and showed up a freakin' hour early. We had time to kill so we grabbed some ice cream, so it ended up being a happy mistake. The ice cream gave Lorelai and Logan energy to spare and they couldn't sit still at ALL for Aidan's entire game. Lorelai even tried to pull Logan's pants down. Crazy!
  • Wednesday pretty much sucked. But aside from the mud that's still on my shoes from the soccer fields, I'm over it.
  • My cold has gotten worse and I'm afraid I'm going to lose my voice. I HATE not being able to breathe through my nose at night. :(
  • All the kids have colds, too. Adam's the only one unscathed so far...


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