Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Runway, here she comes

I think Lorelai is working on becoming a style icon. Mark my words, shirts worn as skirts are going to become all the rage.

Lorelai's shirt skirt

I had this red top picked out for her to wear, but she insisted it go on over her feet as a skirt and wouldn't stop pitching a fit until I helped her put it on the way she wanted. Thank goodness she was ok with wearing leggings and a different shirt the normal way.

Lorelai's shirt skirt

And that wasn't the only time. Adam had dressed her in the short-sleeved shirt but I wanted to change her since it was chilly. She got mad when I took the top off and replaced it with the long-sleeved one, so she got her legs in it to wear it as a skirt. It's now a trend.



And forget pajama jeans or pajoveralls (thank you, Happy Endings, love that show!). Lorelai is rocking the old school footie pajamas as day wear, complete with heels, a coat, and goggles, which were critical to the look, since we were on our way to Lowe's. Of course.

day wear jammies

This was another battle I wasn't willing to fight. This weekend, she refused to get dressed in regular clothes, and pitched an absolute fit (I'm talking screaming/crying/flailing/snotty nose--the works) until we put her jammies back on, even though we had to actually leave the house to run errands. And when we got her coat on, she naturally needed to get shoes. Good girl! Too bad her shoes don't fit over the jammies. No problem for Lorelai, though. She just grabbed my shoes (and put them on the wrong feet) instead. She added in the goggles for good measure, and off to Lowe's we went (minus the heels, thankfully).

mommy's heels

With two older boys, this is brand new territory for me. While I'm glad she's developing her independence and a sense of style, I'm dreading the future if she's this opinionated at a year and a half! Oh my. Silly girl, can't wait to see what she comes up with next...

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  1. Girl, you are going to have your hands full when she's a teenager! That is a pretty fun memory to have, though. Just wait until you show her these pics years down the road - priceless! ;-)


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