Monday, March 19, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 9}

Here's another week in pictures (although it's really more like Sunday, Wednesday and a whole lot of Saturday in pictures):

iPhone photo dump {week 9}
iPhone photo dump {week 9}

  • IKEA!
  • Aidan and I went to the dentist on Wednesday and our teeth look good (that's him getting a fluoride treatment). No cavities! Plus, I'm resolving to floss regularly now. This time I mean it.
  • Adam and I ran in the 5k Shamrock Run for Hope on Saturday (more on this later) and the kids got to hang with the grandparents and cheer us on while we ran.
  • Our hairdresser came over on Saturday (yes, she makes house calls) and gave the boys and Adam much needed hair cuts. Why did I not think to take any afters? I'm not sold on Aidan's hair (I say that every time) but Logan's mop top is gone! I kinda miss it...
  • Super duper St. Patty's day cuteness on the playground while the boys had their tennis lessons.
  • UNC advanced in the NCAA tournament.
  • This melt-my-heart moment between Aidan and Lorelai. It deserves its own photo.

Aidan and Lorelai

  • It's official: I have pollen allergies. Major allergic eyes (one is overly dry and the other is overly watery) and difficulty breathing when I run. Hello claritin and eye drops.
  • The 4 hour round trip drive to IKEA, and I hate driving.
  • We have yet to find curtains I like for our living room, and I was so flustered at (yet another trip to) World Market, we left without using our 20% off coupon (although Lorelai was really attached to that tablecloth for some reason).
  • Adam and I were rendered brainless on Saturday (I blame the early morning 5k). He drove all the way to Chick-fil-a, placed the order and then realized he forgot his wallet. Then later I drove to CVS with the sole purpose of returning some items so I could use a coupon I forgot to use the first time...but I left the coupon at home. Luckily we live close to both so we could make a quick trip back home. Duh.
  •  I forgot my lunch and ended up having to make a pb&j at work. I was not in the mood for that.
If a pb&j lunch ends up on my list of lowlights, I guess the week wasn't too shabby :) 

PS: I feel weird doing these recaps on a Monday. Is it weird? I just can't seem to blog on Sundays though. Maybe I'll move them to Friday? Hmmm.


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