Saturday, March 10, 2012

{March} 10 on 10

Time for March's 10 on 10 challenge!

10 on 10 Challenge

It was a great day to take photos. Aidan and Logan had their first tennis lesson, so Adam, Lorelai and I played on the playground while we were waiting. Maybe I shouldn't have used my 50mm 1.8 since it was so sunny outside, but I didn't feel like switching out to my kit lens (which I don't like as much). After I blew out a bunch of photos, I realized I forgot to turn my ISO down (had it down to 100 for most of these shots).

I ended up with a lot of great pics, it was hard to choose just ten! I'll probably end up sharing some more in future posts :)



Turns out, Aidan and Logan both have awesome backhands! Lorelai loved watching them and tried her hardest to push her way through the fence to get to them.


Lorelai on the swing

Lorelai and Adam



Lorelai thought the pansies were really pretty. I agree.

Lorelai and pansies


Our flowering Bradford pear tree is really pretty, but it stinks!

blooming bradford pear

Linking up with Carly at the simple things.

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  1. I love your pictures! They're so brilliantly bright! My favorite is the one with Daddy being protective behind baby girl. Super cute! I linked up to Carly's party too--hope you can stop by and see my 10.


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