Friday, March 16, 2012

IKEA road trip

Aidan was out of school today for a teacher workday, so Adam and I decided to take advantage of a forced day off work and take a road trip to IKEA. It's a solid 2 hours away, so this was actually our first trip out there (my second trip to an IKEA ever, and Adam's first). It worked out perfectly though, because we could never go with all three kids and still fit everything we needed in the van. This way, we were able to drop Logan and Lorelai off at daycare, fold the back seats down, and haul a crap ton of reasonably-priced (and heavy!) Swedish furniture back to our casa. And we even had a tasty meal of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce while we were there!

ikea road trip

We've been in desperate need of a new desk for a while now, one that isn't so mismatched from the rest of the room (we have our desk in the kitchen area) and that will fit two people. For lack of any DIY abilities and reasonably-priced workable options at any local stores, we settled on pieces from the Vika system.

We've also had our eye on the ubiquitous Expedit for the boys' room, so we bought a couple of those. We also ended up with a couple of sets of curtains, a new rug for under our kitchen table, and a few other odds and ends. Oh, and a fruit basket set for Lorelai, and this cute little nightlight guy for Aidan and Logan's room (unfortunately it's already being fought over because it's on Aidan's side of the room, not Logan's. Ugh.)

It was very difficult to restrain myself and not buy every little awesome thing, but let's face it. We were only (yes, only!) there for 3 hours so it's not like I even saw every single awesome thing anyway! Seriously, I felt like I missed so SO much and I'm even more bummed that we're not close enough for a quick trip to pick up the chairs we thought about, or the cute glasses, or the faux potted plant, or the picture frames, the storage boxes, the couch (loving the karlstad), etc, ad nauseum.

Wish us luck getting everything assembled...I'm excited!

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  1. I live 5 minutes from IKEA up's dangerous.


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