Saturday, March 24, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 10}

Wow, this week was super boring, aside from some gorgeous weather. Here's what it looked like in pics:

iPhone photo dump {week 10}
iPhone photo dump {week 10}

  • While we were folding laundry on Sunday, Lorelai put on a pair of Logan's underwear (all by herself). She wore them around all day refusing to take them off. Another unique fashion choice :)
  • The kids had more fun with the IKEA boxes. That was at least 30 minutes of solid entertainment for them while we were fixing dinner.
  • Lorelai wore a super cute outfit (the top was another hand-me-down, woohoo!)
  • Logan stopped fighting over the new night light and started to enjoy it instead. I have to say, it's really cool.
  • Adam and I started watching season 1 of the Walking Dead on netflix. (Shhh, don't spoil anything! We have to wait a long time for season 2, unfortunately.)
  • Sandals and pink toes! Finally!
  • Everyone complimented Logan on his new haircut at school.
  • Logan and Aidan have been obsessed with a book we got them about dragons. Logan very randomly shouted "PEARL OF WISDOM" as he throws the shower curtain open at the end of his shower. It's something from the book, and it was totally hilarious.
  • The pollen. OMG. Since I park in the garage, this picture doesn't do the yellow haze that's floating around outside justice. Tire tracks through the pollen always amaze me.
  • It's been around 80+ degrees here this week and we discovered our upstairs AC is broken. 
  • The flowering bradford pear trees dropped all of their white leaves all over the yard, sidewalk and driveway. It looked pretty, like a blanket of snow, but tracked all into the house and made a mess. I actually had to vacuum multiple times this week. GASP! 
  • I work with a bunch of NC State fans, so apparently the coral striped shirt I wore on Friday (on a day when both UNC and State play in the NCAA tourney) looked red to them, so they gave me a hard time. Of course the teasing was all in good fun, but I probably should have just worn my UNC shirt. Duh :)
  • Lorelai got a scratch on her face at daycare, and then got bit. (And check out the double paci action she's going going on. Ha!)
That was our week, how was yours?


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