Monday, March 12, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 8}

Not a whole lot to say about this (last? Since it's now Monday?) week. Here's what it looked like in pictures.

iPhone photo dump {week 8}
iPhone photo dump {week 8}

  • Bojangles, Target and World Market on Sunday. Lorelai found a neck pillow and had so much fun in that store, she didn't want to leave. Didn't buy anything, wanted to buy everything.
  • Spring is right around the corner! The daffodils are looking so pretty.
  • Adam has started running. He started on week 4 of the couch to 5k program, and took Aidan out on a run with him. Good for them!
  • We got a bunch of new hand-me-down clothes from the kids clothing exchange at my Mom's church. For free! Love the gray tutu dress! She wore them with leggings but stripped down after a diaper change.
  • Lorelai said "cheese" completely unprompted for the first time when I was following her up the stairs to take her pictures. OMG so cute (even if it was with the paci in her mouth...grrrr stupid paci!).
  • She has to do everything just like her brothers. She wanted the sword down her shirt like they do, and she played with it like that for a long time.
  • When she calls the boys, she says it so enthusiastically, and it sounds like "bees." She also calls Aidan "A," and Logan is "wo wo." I love that she's talking more.
  • I finished Mockingjay.
  •  Logan crushed his head on the playground and got a nasty goose egg. He said it didn't hurt though.
  • I'm a terrible housekeeper. That's an embarrassingly thick layer of dust on our tv stand. Wow, so bad. On the positive side though, I'm sure I made a bunch of people feel better about their own housekeeping skills :) It's clean now, don't worry.
  • I finished Mockingjay. The Hunger Games are over. Boo.
  • Daylight saving time. I really missed that hour. Especially since Lorelai was in bed with us at 4:30 (I think because of a cold, not related to the time change), ugh.
Happy Monday! And happy almost spring!

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