Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too dressy for work, oops

Well that's what I get for wearing jeans to work 90% of the time, and my hair down 99% of the time...I get made to feel like a freak of nature when I pull my hair up and wear heels and a skirt. ☺

Not a freak of nature in a bad way, people were very complimentary. But since I work in a mostly casual office where it's not uncommon to see guys wearing jean shorts (OMG, yes, beacons of fashion they are...), I definitely looked out of place in this.

Too dressy for work, oops
Oh hello...awkward self-portrait in the ladies room at work
(I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only blogger that does this)

Honestly, I didn't really mean to look dressy. It was going to be 95+ today so I didn't want to wear pants--a skirt seemed like the way to go. And since I showered late last night and didn't want to bother with my hair (I had 2 hours of SYTYCD to watch, yo) it was a mess this morning so I just pulled it up into a (messy) sock bun. The heels? Yeah, they're probably what put this outfit over the top (even though they're not even super dressy on their own, I don't think), but I hadn't worn them in a while and they pretty much only look good with skirts. And I also painted my nails the other day which I very rarely do.

fancy schmancy?

Lesson learned: save an outfit like this for date night (on the rare occasion that they happen). Or, start dressing up for work more often so people get used to it.☺


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