Thursday, June 14, 2012

Before the wasps chased us inside...

Sunday morning was much like Saturday morning for us. Go outside, ride bikes, pull out almost every toy in our garage to play with, take pictures.


One of us {coughAidancough} was mad about the whole picture-taking thing though for some reason. Sometimes he gladly lets me take his picture, other times he scowls or refuses to look at the camera. UGH. How moody and teenage boy of him. (Noooo, not yet!!)


Lorelai's been known to do the same thing—either run from the camera or refuse to look at me and smile. I see a hint of a smile here though (along with some drool, hello molars).


At least Logan will happily smile and not run from the camera. Although he does get easily distracted on occasion.


We had a lot of fun. That is, until some huge wasps chased us inside. Last week we noticed a couple had taken up residence in our bird feeder (shame on me for not filling it up sooner), so Adam sprayed the crap out of them with wasp spray. I'm imagining they were pissed we ruined their nice home so they were coming back to seek revenge. (Don't laugh, it could happen!) They seemed particularly aggressive and were all up in our garage, too.

When we went back outside after naps, we stuck to the backyard. The coast was clear (of snakes, know I check carefully every single time now). Lorelai helped me water the flowers. And by that, I mean, she almost decimated my dahlias again.


Completely unrelated side note: I love how she specifically requests pigtails or ponytails every day now. She just needs to quit messing with them once I put them in!


Moral of the story: wasps are a total buzzkill. Yep, I went there. :)


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