Friday, June 29, 2012

For the love of baseball?

We can check another item off of our summer bucket list: on Wednesday, we went to a Durham Bulls baseball game. It's an annual outing my company hosts, which I always look forward to. What's not to love about free tickets for the family, which includes dinner on a shaded party deck and covered seats? (Besides the fact that I don't care about baseball in the slightest?) We even lucked into an extra ticket this year so that my mom could join us.

Durham Bulls game
Logan was all decked out in his Durham Bulls gear, ready for the game!

It's something the boys had been looking forward to for a while, and Lorelai even had fun. Although I have a suspicion that had more to do with the cotton candy, baseball hats, and tractors on the field and not so much about the baseball itself. ☺

Durham Bulls game

I'd like to point out the rare smile on Aidan's face in the picture above. I know he was tired from walking around the museum all morning on a camp field trip, but dude was a total grump for most of the time we were there, unfortunately. I was so excited for him to have this fun experience (it wasn't on our summer bucket list for nothing!) and his bad attitude prevented him from fully enjoying it. Such a shame.

Thankfully, Logan and Lorelai were all smiles. Logan was totally into it, and even got to stay longer with Grandma when we had to leave to get Lorelai to bed. Aidan came with us because of his attitude.

Durham Bulls game
Doesn't Logan look so much like Aidan in the bottom right picture? I very rarely see the resemblance between them anymore, but that picture kind of blew my mind. Even Logan got confused for a minute and said it looked like Aidan.

I can honestly say I didn't pay more than 5 minutes total attention to the actual game. I was too busy watching (and taking pictures of) Lorelai being silly. And making sure she didn't try to drink my beer. And socializing with my coworkers. And helping the boys eat the cotton candy quickly before Lorelai could beg for more. Clearly I was too busy to be bothered with actually watching baseball at a baseball game. Ha! I did notice they were down 3-0 when we left at (I think) the top of the 3rd , and I heard later they came back to win 4-3.

Durham Bulls game
No one can get Aidan to smile like Lorelai can. Thank God for her in so many ways.

Despite Aidan's grumpy attitude, I think (hope!) he did enjoy it somewhat, just like the rest of us. Nothing like watching your kids have fun to make you enjoy something as boring as a baseball game! (Which I say without meaning to offend all the baseball fans out there, clearly I'm in the minority in my opinion. ☺)


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