Saturday, June 16, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 20}

iPhone photo dump {week 20} iPhone photo dump {week 20} iPhone photo dump {week 20}

  • Adam went to Virgina Beach last weekend for his annual sand soccer tournament. They did great and won their division!
  • He came home with a freakin' mustache. A mustache! It was hilarious. (But dude? No. Just...No.) He finally shaved it after several people apparently told him it made him look at least ten years older.
  • True Blood is back on, woohoo!
  • I took Logan to a birthday party at the Museum of Life and Science. We got to ride the train and try to catch butterflies in the butterfly house (no luck this time, darn).
  • Logan had his kindergarten assessment to determine how the teachers will evenly divide the students to make sure there's a range of levels in each class. He said the only thing he forgot was his birthday and how to spell his last name (doh!). We've been quizzing him daily so by July he'll know :)
  • He seems very excited about kindergarten (this week, at least). Although when we showed up at school for the assessment, he was totally confused about why we were at Aidan's school. For some reason he didn't realize (or remember) that they'll be going to the same school now. That made him even more excited.
  • Aidan started his summer camp program at the same place where we have Logan and Lorelai. So far, so good and he really likes being at the same place as them (although I was skeptical that this program would be as fun for him as his previous program...we'll see how it goes).
  • Playing in the rain was so much fun!
  • The bunny that lives under our deck came out for breakfast the other morning and the kids caught a glimpse. (And now they really want to capture him for a pet...yikes.)
  • I loved having the whole day off on Friday to spend with Logan for his graduation and celebration.

  • We really missed Adam while he was gone last weekend.
  • I especially missed having him there when Lorelai threw up all.over.the.floor on Saturday night. Fortunately most of it ended up on the kitchen floor (only a little got on the carpet) and she was fine afterward and never had any fever. But it was a mess. She even slipped and fell into a pool of her own vomit where she sat and continuted to vomit some more until I could clean up and take her to the bath. Poor sweet girl (and poor mommy).
  • With all of our cable issues, we got a new plan with new DVRs. Great, except for the fact that now we have to set up all of our shows again, and any shows we had already taped are gone.
  • That's not as big a deal as the fact that On Demand quit working, half of our channels weren't coming in, and our cable land line phone wasn't working. They came out today and hopefully fixed the issue. Hopefully...

That was our week, how was yours?


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