Thursday, June 7, 2012


Warning: randomness ahead. I found some pictures from April I never shared, plus some other random/funny things that have absolutely nothing to do with the pictures.

First of all, Aidan has been clearing out his desk at school this week, and today he brought home this paper. My heart melted and I tried not to cry when I read that his proudest moment was when his sister was born. Awwwww!

Aidan's proudest moment:
(PS: drowling = drawing, and yes, he's good at it. Just not spelling.)

Last weekend, in the span of literally 1 minute, I had to tell Lorelai: "Get out of your brother's nuts" (in direct response to Aidan saying "Lorelai's all up in my nuts"); "Don't bite his toes" and "no spitting." OMG, she's feisty. And I partially blame the boys for showing her how to wrestle around and act crazy :)

Logan, Lorelai, Aidan

Logan, Lorelai, Aidan

Tonight, Lorelai was in the bath playing, and Logan wanted to help rinse her off (since he was already being so "helpful" by playing in the water). As he poured the water on her legs, he said "I'm putting the water in her farm."


"Between her legs, by where her peener is."

"Sweetie, girls don't have peeners, remember?"

"Oh yeah. What's it called?"

"A vagina."

"A bagina?"

"A vagina."



Glad we cleared that up. But farm?!? What was that all about? I'm so confused. (And yes, the boys both still say peener instead of penis.)

Logan and Lorelai

The other day on a walk with the boys, Aidan and I were talking about running, since were were trying to keep up with Logan who was riding his bike. I mentioned how I hadn't run in a while and was getting out of shape. Aidan reached over and touched my belly and in a complete non sequitur, said "so how do you make another baby? Do you just wish for it and then it happens?"

I was completely caught off guard, so I said "yeah, that's got something to do with it. But there has to be a daddy, too. A mommy and a daddy make a baby together."

Thankfully he let it drop after that.


A couple of weeks ago, I randomly started loudly singing. Lorelai stops what she's doing, runs over to me, and says "Hush Mommy, hush. Hush." It was hilarious. But to her credit, I did sound pretty awful :) And lately she's added the finger to her mouth to emphasize her point. See? Feisty.


The boys found some frogs in our back yard. I had to watch Lorelai closely so she wouldn't step on this litte guy or try to pick it up. I was kind of hoping for a little more fear (for the sake of not having to clean frog guts off of her hands or shoes). She also completely decimated one of the blooms on one of my newly planted dahlias. (No, that's not the dahlia below. I promised random, didn't I?)


Lorelai loves shoes. Taking them off, putting them on, wearing other people's shoes. She also loves to swing, slide, and can climb up the rock wall by herself (for the most part) to get to the slide.


Lorelai loves shoes

This girl is so hot and cold with her daddy. Sometimes she won't go to sleep without an extra snuggle from him, and sometimes (unfortunately way too often) she wants nothing to do with him. Breaks my heart. And his, obviously. Dear future Lorelai, you have a lot of making up to do with daddy. Make it happen. He loves you more than words.

 Daddy and Lorelai

(Ok, that last one wasn't funny, but it was kind of random.)


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