Saturday, April 14, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 13}

iPhone photo dump {week 13}
iPhone photo dump {week 13}

  • A great Easter Sunday.
  • Gorgeous weekend weather and more walks outside. In fact, Lorelai is pretty much obsessed with going outside.
  • My cousin's cupcakes. I've been eating the leftovers from Easter instead of the cadbury mini eggs at night. So bad for me...but oh so yum.
  • Lorelai and Logan have both been happy to see me all week when I've picked them up. Logan's been having good drop-offs for Adam, too. Good enough that he wanted to model a cowboy hat for him.
  • I had an all-time personal best move in words with friends: 113 points for booze. Yes, that's seriously a highlight.
  • This week really seemed to fly by for some reason. I guess that's a highlight?

  • Aidan was grouchy all week. He didn't smile at me once when I dropped him off or picked him up from his intersession camp (he does say he has fun while he's there). He's been whiny and not as helpful lately, either. No idea what's going on with him, but it really makes me feel terrible when I show up with a big smile on my face happy to see him, and I get nothing but a bad attitude in return :(
  • I had to tell Logan to stop farting on his brother and to not blow snot boogers onto the floor. Things I never in my life thought I'd ever have to tell someone. Boys, ew.
  • On a semi-related note, I'm pretty sure Lorelai has added the word "fart" to her vocabulary. She passed gas the other day then touched her butt and said something that sounded a whole lot like fart. Although, maybe this should go under the highlights since she's saying more words?
  • Lorelai now stands at the door every day and cries to go outside, and when we do go outside, she cries when we have to come back in. It pretty much sucks. The other day, we were busy cleaning up from dinner but she was so insistent (and LOUD) about going out, that I opened the door for her to go out by herself (we have a completely fenced back yard and we were still watching her, don't worry). She didn't quite know what to think about it, standing out on the patio while we were all inside watching her. She decided to come back in...and fuss some more.
And not really a highlight or a lowlight, but Lorelai has started to take after Logan and dip everything in ketchup, then proceed to lick it off the plate with her fingers. Gross (yet strangely cute).

All in all, not a terrible week...but it was really all downhill after Sunday. I guess we just set the bar too high! How was your week?

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    1. Adorable pictures! Daniel does the exact same thing with ketchup, so gross!! Xxx

      1. Thanks! I wonder what it is with kids and ketchup?! So funny.


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