Saturday, April 7, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 12}

iPhone photo dump {week 12}

  • Cadbury mini eggs. OMG how are they so much more yummy than regular chocolate? (And why didn't I Instagram them like I do everything else?? Ha!)
  • Movie day at work! Once a quarter, we get treated to a movie on a Friday afternoon. Working with mostly all guys, we've seen some movies that I would not have picked on my own (ahem...Tron, Thor, Cowboys and Aliens, Immortals, etc.). But this time we got to see Hunger Games, so that makes two Fridays in a row that I've gone to see Hunger Games during work. Nice.
  • Mostly gorgeous weather meant several walks outside.
  • The kids had a 4 day week, so lollipop day was on Thursday and they got good quality time at home with Daddy on Friday.
  • Logan got his preschool cap and gown pictures taken on Wednesday. Only two months until preschool graduation, and three months until he starts Kindergarten!

  • Adam's been in pain since he took a ball in the chest during a soccer game a few weeks ago, and it kept getting worse instead of better. He finally went to the doctor on Thursday fearing his rib was cracked. Fortunately it's not cracked, but it's badly bruised, so he's on anti-inflammatory meds so he can hopefully move and breathe without pain soon.
  • During a walk this week, Aidan fell off his scooter and skinned his knee really bad. 
  • It was 86 degrees on Wednesday but instead of getting to enjoy the nice weather when we got home, I raced the storm clouds (and got a cool pic of them) to get to daycare before it started to pour. We got home right before it started to rain, and Lorelai stood at the door watching the rain, crying because she couldn't go outside.

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    1. I love the way you've written this post, with highlights and lowlights, so cute!! Adorable kiddos too! xxx

      1. Thanks so much!! It ends up being a brain dump as well as a photo dump, bullet points can be so much easier sometimes :)


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