Thursday, April 5, 2012

And now I will eat my words

Remember two days ago when I complained that Lorelai wanted nothing to do with me? Yeah, I'm sure you know where this is going. She realized she needed me all right. At 8:30 last night, and 9:45...and 10:15, until Adam took her down to the couch so we could all go to sleep. And then this morning? She flung herself into my arms, but not in the cute and happy "mommy I missed you so much, I love you" way. More in the sad "don't you dare leave me, I'll flip out if you do" way. So that was just lovely.

Lorelai snuggles

But you know what? I didn't get frustrated, I didn't mind much at all, even when it looked like we were in for a night of very little sleep and being late to work. I got good, quality snuggles and loving from my baby that I so desperately missed a few days ago, and it was awesome (and yes, I say this after being fortunate enough to get a full night of sleep—it's easy to see through my rose-colored glasses when I'm not looking through a sleep-deprived fog ☺).

Ok, so it was only awesome until she squirmed her way out of my arms and went to our bedroom where she started to climb up on our bed. She's still a girl of few words, but there's no mistaking where she wanted to sleep last night, the sneaky little thing! That's why Adam took her to the couch instead, where she squirmed for a while, but finally fell asleep and was in her bed by 1am.

Sleep, baby, sleep

And now I've got a new phase I'd really like to be over soon—the one where she wakes up at all hours of the night. Seems like it happens every few months. No fun! We all need our sleep, right?

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