Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3rd annual Easter egg treasure hunt

I'm still sorting through/editing the hundreds of photos I took on Easter (my hat's off to all of my bloggy friends who already have their Easter posts up!) but in the meantime, I wanted to share what I (for the Easter Bunny, of course!) came up with for our 3rd annual Easter egg treasure hunt.

Last week I confessed that I waited until the very last minute and worried I wouldn't be able to put the clues together in time, but somehow I made it happen. Some of them are really lame because I suck at rhyming and I didn't have a lot of time, but I don't think it mattered one bit to the kids. They loved it and even talked about how excited they were that Lorelai would be able to do it with them this year. They were SO good with letting her "help" with the clues.


Anyway, here's the note they woke up to, first thing in the morning.

Good Morning, AIDAN, LOGAN and LORELAI!

Are you ready for an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt? Well get to hoppin'!

 photo easteregg1.gif

Yay, it’s rhyme time!

“Where's the treasure?” you may ask.
You must find it, that’s the task!
Is it here? Is it there?
You must look everywhere!

Look for your first clue in the thing that Daddy packs for a trip to someplace with warm weather. Don't go alone, work together (all three of you!)

 photo easterbunnyclipart.gif

Clue #1 (in daddy’s suitcase): Look for your next clue where you'd fry up some fake bacon or bake a pretend cake. The timer is on, don't be late!

Clue #2 (play kitchen): Shhh, speak not a word. Just look for a clue near a green bird.

Clue #3 (on the mantle): Where does grandma rest her head? Maybe you'll find a clue instead!

Clue #4 (guest bed): Color, draw, or maybe stencil? Look for your next clue with the writing utensils.

Clue #5 (desk drawer): Read a book here, or rock to sleep. But find your clue, before you do!

Clue#6 (Lorelai’s chair): Are you hungry? Well don't get a snack. Find your clue there, then you can go back.

Clue #7 (pantry): Look for a clue where you can see the weather, or maybe look out at a bird with a feather!

Clue #8 (dining room window): Where do the biggest clothes hang? You don’t have to measure. This is where you’ll find your treasure.

And here's the treasure they found in our closet.


Nothing too overboard. A few sweet treats (jelly beans, cadbury eggs and peeps are in the eggs) and the boys  each got a Skylander, while Lorelai got a pair of shoes and two tops.

Maybe I should go ahead and confess that I've already eaten most of Lorelai's candy, plus some of Logan's. He busted me today, and I straight up lied. Bad mommy! But they were at Grandma and Grandpa's last night for another sleepover, and the Cadbury eggs were calling my name. I know they would have shared if I had asked--they're really good about it, actually. I'll just have to open up the last bag and replace the ones I took. No harm done, right?!

I also confess that I LOVE this tradition, and I dread the year they outgrow it. But I'm going to have to start getting creative with the clues and the hiding places, because there are only so many rhymes I can come up! Maybe something like a puzzle with the clues next year? Whatever I do, I can't procrastinate again! :)

And one more confession, while I'm at it: I went to the store to get egg dye, and walked out of the store without egg dye. But the #momfail doesn't stop there. I thought I had a whole carton of eggs...but turns out we only had three. So we had to improvise. I used sharpie on mine, Aidan used sharpie and marker on his, and we used food coloring on Logan's, and just added those three to the batch we did last year.


Lorelai still has yet to decorate a single egg, but she did get to try her hand at watercolor painting. So I didn't totally get it together for Easter this year after all...

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  1. In love with your clues. Tucking this away for when Little Man is old enough to participate in all the Easter fun!

    1. Thanks! I've also seen hunts with picture clues for kids who can't read yet, so that could be a good way to go if you want to start the tradition in the next couple of years :)

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  3. I love all the effort you put into this! The clues are adorable! I need to bookmark this for later - what a fun idea.

    Thanks for linking!


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