Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We go to the pet store for entertainment

Please tell me it's not lame to go to the pet store and pretend  like it's the zoo?

Because that's what we did this weekend--took the kids to the pet store for entertainment. It was a rainy Sunday so we figured why not, since we had to run errands anyway. The kids loved it!

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I mean, we're clearly not fooling anyone. The zoo > pet store, which we'd know since we just went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago (I should probably get those pics off my camera and blog about it, huh?). But the zoo is an hour and a half away, and the pet store is less than 10 min. Convenience wins.

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Birds, fish, reptiles, mice, ferrets, hamsters...and even a pair of guinea pigs humping (yikes). Yeah, we totally laughed behind the kids' backs and pretended nothing was happening. See? Free entertainment.


Although, the begging has already started for a guinea pig or hamster. That's SO not happening. But I do have to admit--those guinea pigs were pretty dang cute when they weren't getting frisky in front of our eyes :)

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  1. Hahahahaha humping guinea pigs. Too funny!
    I've heard of this, Heather did it a while ago. But, we have a zoo close to us, and I honestly don't know where the closest pet store is. Other than like PetsMart. Does that count?
    I miss the old school pet stores with like, kittens and puppies. I mean, I'm glad bc it's not very humane, but still, they were cute.
    Thanks for linking! Great idea!

    1. Well we were at Petco, so I assume PetSmart has something similar! Worth a look if you're already near there. I love that young kids can be so easy to please :)

      Not sure about all of them, but our Petco usually has kittens for adoption from a local shelter. No puppy or kitten mill animals as far as I know, thank goodness!!

  2. Genius idea!! Totally stealing this idea when the little man is a bit older. :)

  3. your children are adorable! i love the expressions on their faces as they check out the animals. hahaha, why is it that they are always getting frisky when kids are looking?!
    happy may, becky! xoxo

  4. Hahaha YES! I've done this before! It's just like a free zoo! Kids don't even know the difference ;-) Tricky mommies. I haven't taken Benjamin in awhile - I need to do this soon! I did this when he was a baby, but now that he's more into investigating, I'm sure he'd really love it.

  5. Oh yes, we have totally done this at Pet Smart! Good, FREE times!


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