Monday, April 8, 2013

5 random things

In the spirit of getting to know me better (and because I like to copy good ideas--this was has been going around the blogosphere for a while), I thought I'd share 5 random things that most people probably don't know about me.

1) I take showers at night and I don't wash my hair everyday. I'm training my hair to go longer between washes--I'm comfortably at every other day now, but I can occasionally go two days. Mostly because I'm lazy and hate having to do my hair. And I love that little bit of extra sleep in the morning with not having to shower OR do my hair. But also because my hair was looking unhealthy and damaged. I think my new routine is helping! Oh, and I've started deep conditioning my hair with organic unrefined coconut oil.

Sporting 3rd day hair to work for the first time. Turns
out, it was apparently profile pic worthy hair, ha!

2) I like my m&ms a little melty. As much as I try to avoid the constant stash in the kitchen at work, if I do give in, I like to put them in a cup and microwave them for like 20 seconds. I know, weird. I always cross my fingers no one sees me. :) (Semi-related: when I was a kid, I remember microwaving my ice cream at my friend's house because it was too cold.)

3) I'm a slave to Proactiv. When I was younger, I was very fortunate to have mostly clear skin. The occasional breakout every now and then, but nothing bad. That all changed during my first pregnancy. My skin was so bad, and it got even worse for a while postpartum. I'm not brave enough to post any before pictures, but let's just say I got really good at using the blemish tool in Photoshop. My acne fluctuated for years after that, and through my other two pregnancies. Although it wasn't quite as bad with Lorelai, I do still have some dark spots from acne scars. Finally, I was fed up enough to try Proactiv after other failed attempts, and it worked! I've been using it for about 18 months and my skin is finally clear (aside from the occasional blemish--ironically a whopping two on my face as I'm writing this). I'm scared to stop using it at this point though...

4) Graphic design interests me. In hindsight, I wish I had taken some of those classes in J-school. But I really enjoy working in Photoshop to design things like our Christmas card, Lorelai's birth announcement and even my new blog design. If you follow via a reader or email, you may not have noticed, but I gave the old blog a bit of a face lift a couple of weeks ago. Clearly nothing professional, but doing it made me happy. (Though the verdict is still out on whether I want to change my blog button to match--I've got a weird attachment to my first blog button baby with a pic of my kiddos on the beach.)

I created the header, social media buttons, and heart dividers in photoshop and tweaked the font colors in blogger to match.

5) I'm done having babies and I really truly feel as though Lorelai perfectly completes our family. But I get baby fever like whoa on a regular basis. I'm nuts.

A squishy/super chubby/milk-drunk baby?! How could I not miss that?! Also? It's crazy looking back on Lorelai's baby pictures and seeing how dark her hair was!

Anyone else like melty M&Ms or have any other random quirks to share? Or have an opinion on whether I should change my blog button to match my header? I'd love to know!

200x200 photo alazycrazylife_200x200_blogButton.jpg  photo alazycrazylife_blogbutton_march2013_zpsfe613972.jpg 
(Ok sorry, that's a LOT of my face in one post, geez!)

PS:  There's 25 more random things about me here.


  1. We thought three (babies) were perfect... and then many years later decided to add one more (a decision that has always been a great one for us). The kids vary wildly in age (25, 20, 14, and 5) but they are all amazingly and wonderfully close to one another (my favorite thing).

    1. That's awesome! It's for that very possibility that I'm hesitant to do anything permanent to prevent any future babies (but just saying that freaks me out a lot, ha!)...

  2. I totally love this!! Not that I'm happy you had to deal with bad skin, but I am relieved to know that I'm not the only one who's skin changed drastically after getting pregnant!! I'm pretty sure I'll end up with three babies too :)) But maybe not because even though I love newborns, I don't have baby fever yet and nearly every mom I talked to said it started again when their first was ten months...Rae's over a year and I'm still feeling too obsessed to even day dream about another for a second!!

    1. I don't remember how long it took me to get baby fever after my oldest, but I'm not sure it was as soon as 10 months, so don't worry! My boys are 2 years and 6 weeks apart, so I don't think we seriously considered or wanted to try again until after Aidan was a year old. And with Logan, it was even longer.

  3. i don't wash my hair every day either. i always like it best the second and even the third day. my mom is the same way. ohmygosh, those are precous photos of you and your daughter. <3
    have a wonderful week! xoxox

  4. I've also been using the organic coconut oil as a deep hair conditioner, BUT we already slightly discussed such on IG! So behind on blog reading! ;)
    Momma In Bloom

  5. I am a nighttime shower-er as well, but mostly because I am too lazy in the morning and I just like to wash away my day. I am a momma of two boys, with a 3rd on the way and even pregnant (and hating it, come on baby!) I tell myself that we are done..but then that we could probably have one more.

    New to your blog and look forward to following along!

  6. Such a cute post ... I don't think your nuts. I think all of us moms go through the baby thing at one point or another ~ whether we are done or not :)
    Loved getting to know more about you!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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