Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An excellent Easter

We had a great Easter (I resisted titling the post "an eggcellent Easter"), and I took so many photos that I had a lot of trouble narrowing them down for this post. So I sort of didn't. You've been warned :) (sorry, not sorry).

 photo Easter2013_collage6_zpse8566e69.jpg
Thanks for everyone's opinion on Lorelai's dress. I chose this one because it went better with the cardi and tights she had to wear because it was a bit chilly. I think I'll put her in the other dress for Mother's day or something. :)

 photo Easter2013_collage4_zps4e269637.jpg

 photo Easter2013_collage1_zpsad27d42c.jpg

Since our house/yard was in no condition for guests, we headed to Adam's parents house where we met up with Adam's sister and her son Isaiah, my mom and my sister and her kids, Shaun and Raina. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so beyond thankful that we can all celebrate together and Adam and I don't have to split time or have to choose one family over another on holiday gatherings like this. I love my family.

 photo Easter2013_collage11_zps3fc33e03.jpg
The cousins: Shaun, Isaiah, Aidan, Logan, Lorelai, Raina. The LOVE getting together.

 photo Easter2013_collage7_zps0d67e4b9.jpg
Yay! Finally got some good pics of Grandma and Grandpa with all of the kids!

 photo Easter2013_collage10_zpsc1a22c11.jpg
I wish I had gotten some of my mom with the boys...

The kids hunted for eggs, naturally. And the weather even cooperated! It was chilly compared to what we're used to for Easter (about 60*), but the heavy rain overnight cleared and the sun came out.

 photo Easter2013_collage2_zps81191913.jpg

There were scattered thundershowers later in the day, but they moved through pretty quickly and didn't get in the way of the kids' fun too much. And thanks to the ridiculously awesome wrap-around porch, we could even enjoy rain the fresh air while we waited for the storm to pass.

 photo Easter2013_collage3_zpscc8a62c6.jpg

In fact, while they were waiting for the rain to clear, the boys played some cards. Aidan and Logan tried to hustle Grandma, I think! Logan was very proud of the $.95 he won.

 photo Easter2013_collage8_zps5e6d6755.jpg

There was also some really yummy food, as usual. The kids all sat together and I couldn't help but think about how big Lorelai looked, sitting at the table with the "big kids" all by herself. No booster seat or bib, and regular plate/silverware. She ate unsupervised and finished everything. She's growing up so fast. Sniff. And for the record, my mouth is still watering thinking about the brownie sundae my mother-in-law made. Lorelai hopped from lap to lap begging for bites. Smart girl :)

 photo Easter2013_collage9_zpsbfa93c17.jpg

I'm so glad we got some good photos of the five of us. It's rare, and a lot of times I forget to take these types of posed photos. Candids are great and I typically prefer them, but I find that unless I think to gather everyone for a posed photo, they just don't happen, which is sad. Because it usually means I'm not in many of the pics.

 photo Easter2013-097_zps5a2ceca5.jpg

But boom. I was there. See? :) And I even wore my new favorite Target dress, even though the informal family gathering totally didn't call for it. But if Lorelai can wear a pretty Easter dress, so can I. So there.

 photo Easter2013_collage5a_zpsa9b4dd75.jpg

And that concludes the massive Easter photo dump, even though there are still a ton of great photos still sitting on my external hard drive, probably never to be seen again...sigh.


  1. Becky, that is SUCH a good family shot! And super cute dress!

  2. I LOVE your green dress!

    And how awesome that your families get together!

  3. What a fabulous Easter. Lorelai's outfit, and yours too!
    Your family photo is gorgeous. Too often mommy's forget to jump on the other side of the camera! :)

  4. Looks like it was an amazing Easter for you all!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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  6. What a love-filled day! Happy belated Easter. Your family is gorgeous!
    Have a sweet weekend! Xoxox

  7. I love your daughter's dress and yours too! Happy Easter - a week later :)

    I'm a new follower from the Raising Imperfection Hop! Looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you!

    Brie - Breezy Pink Daisies

  8. I'm always the most dressed up for family gatherings, oh well, I love it! And I have that dress in navy!!

    Also, in tomorrows post I've pegged you in an award...I know you just did "random facts about me" so I don't expect you to participate. But I'm still gonna go ahead and nominate you :))


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