Monday, April 29, 2013

Conversations with Lorelai

Another round of Lorelai-isms to share, and as always, I'm mad that I can't remember every single one of the many funny things she says.

 photo March2013-070_BW_zpsd1de80ab.jpg
Her forehead is looking better, but she's still got a noticeable mark. I'm getting worried it's going to scar forever...

Lorelai: Mommy, I want to say something: DUKE.
Mommy: Duke what? (Of course in my head I was saying "sucks")
Lorelai: Duke. (That was so totally random. At least she didn't say 'Go Duke'--a travesty in this Tarheel-lovin' family!)

Lorelai (listening to a song on Pandora during dinner one night): Daddy, do you like this song? (She was very intent and serious as she was asking)
Daddy: Yep, do you?
Lorelai: I do! (starts jammin')

 photo March2013_LorelaiBath_zps15adf5e2.jpg

Aidan: Ewww Lorelai, did you fart?!
Lorelai: No, I burped.
Mommy: That was out of your mouth?
Lorelai: Nope. Hahaha!

Lorelai: (In a high-pitched voice) Aw, no fair, I didn't get chips! (while she shrugged her hands.)
Aidan, in response: She's so cute.

 photo March2013-096_BWpsd_zpsbfbda73a.jpg

Lorelai: Mommy, I need chapped lips (she meant ChapStick)

Lorelai: Mommy, I've had SO many birthdays!
Mommy: Oh yeah? How many?
Lorelai: (holding out some fingers) 2 3 4 7 birthdays!

 photo March2013_lorelaiBath_triptych_zps434bca64.jpg

She just slays me. So much personality. I love this phase where she's vocal and has legit, hilarious grown-up(ish) conversations. She's still a good mix of sweet and sassy, and the sassy is mostly still cute (though I know my days are numbered there...yikes).

 I often wish I could stop time, or bottle up her innocence and cuteness to keep forever.


  1. The burp/fart convo had me ROLLING!
    I'm looking forward to the days when actual conversations begin.

    1. You and me both! I knew I had to write that one down immediately!

  2. How old is she? She sounds a lot like my 2.5 year old! Cute stories!

  3. LOLOL!!! "that was out of your mouth?" "NOPE!"
    ohmygosh, too stinkin' funny and cute!

    these photos (and your daughter) are precious!


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