Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh the joys of home ownership

On Sunday night, minutes before True Blood was about to start (bad timing!!), Adam noticed that there was a huge puddle of water under our fridge. I was hoping that maybe one of the boys spilled a cup of water, but no such luck. It's leaking from somewhere, and it's looking like it's not from the water line to the ice maker. Suckity suck. Now we have to call a repair man.


That got me thinking about all of the other issues with our house:
  1. We've got some MAJOR stink coming from our sink because we're somehow missing a p-trap. I begged Adam to get me one as my birthday gift. Guess he thought I was joking?
  2. When we replaced the floor in our foyer, the new floor is lower, so we were left with awkward gaps under our door jambs, including one that somehow goes straight through to the outside at the front door. Looks terrible. Plus, snakes could get in! I stuffed it with cardboard until we can figure out how to patch it. Klassy.
  3. There's something wrong with the duct work in our attic, so our a/c doesn't work like it should in our master bedroom.
  4. The plumbing in the master bath shower is backwards. Whoever plumbed our house originally is an idiot, and makes me wonder what else they did wrong... 
  5. I don't think there's enough (or any??) insulation in the flooring of the guest room over our (uninsulated) garage. It's a sauna or an ice box in there depending on the season. Good thing we don't have many guests.
  6. Some of our windows are going bad--rusting/flaking between the glass. We think they're still under warranty, we just need to measure and make the call. One of these days.
  7. A couple of sections of our fence are loose, and we never got around to evening up the posts and install fence post caps. Thankfully the HOA forgot all about us.
  8. Speaking of the HOA, I'm expecting a letter at any point telling us to repaint our mailbox post again. For some reason, we can't keep it from molding.
  9. We never stained/sealed our deck so some boards are warping.
  10. We've got stubborn mold on the exterior and will need to repaint that section if the pressure washer brush doesn't work. It's our last hope, fingers crossed.
  11. I think we may have about 3 blades of grass in our yard, total. The rest is just weeds and bare dirt.
  12. Our kitchen cabinets are still not painted.
  13. All of our bathrooms suffer from major builder-grade fugliness: cabinets, fixtures, linoleum floors, laminate counters. 
  14. I've always hated our ugly foyer light fixture, but since it's a 2-story foyer, we can't change it out on our own, so we've never bothered to do anything about it.
  15. Our garage is a mess with not nearly enough vertical storage.
  16. One of our smoke detectors went crazy because of a power surge. We have to replace it ASAP.
  17. Probably the suckiest thing is that when we re-financed earlier this year, we got royally screwed on our appraisal. Based on other neighborhood comps, our house is worth way less than it should be based on improvements we've done (including adding an entirely new room/extra square footage). And just to kick us while we're down, our tax value, last adjusted at the beginning of this year (just a couple of months before our appraisal) is 30k+ more than our appraisal value. Yuck.
BUT! As much as I have to complain about, at least I have a house (lest you think I'm an unappreciative complainer--I'm actually a very appreciative complainer). It's clean(ish), safe(ish), but far more importantly, it's a home. And you know what they say: "What I love most about my home is who I share it with."

And I do really love my new kitchen counters and floors! We just really need to get on the rest of the issues...


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