Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bad dream

You know the kind bad dream where you wake up and your heart is beating really fast? I had one of those last night about Lorelai.

It's too complicated to fully explain (and a lot of it doesn't even make sense), but the gist is that she got really sick and had to go to the hospital for surgery. Instead of getting better, she kept getting worse and no one could figure out why. I finally figured out that the blankets (or something?) they were using were made from peanuts, and she was having an allergic reaction. She was screaming in pain and I was screaming for someone to listen to me and get the blankets away from her.

In general, I've been handling her peanut allergy pretty well and not really stressing about it, since she's still in really controlled environments. Daycare is peanut free, and we completely control what she eats when she's home. Even though we do send PB&J sandwiches to school with the boys and some of their snacks are processed in a facility with peanuts, we're really careful about reading labels and making sure the boys don't eat their unsafe foods around her.

But apparently my subconscious has other ideas about how much her allergy stresses me out, if that dream was any indication. Thank goodness I'm not superstitious about dreams coming true, or I'd really be freaking out. It's just way too disturbing to think about something bad like that happening to this sweet girl.



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