Sunday, August 12, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 27}

{alazycrazylife} iPhone photo dump {week 27} {alazycrazylife} iPhone photo dump {week 27} {alazycrazylife} iPhone photo dump {week 27} {alazycrazylife} iPhone photo dump {week 27}

  • We did some shopping at Old Navy on Sunday and scored some good deals, and on top of that, it was tax-free weekend which we didn't realize before. Then I did some more shopping at for some things we didn't find in the store. :)
  • There are still fire truck and balloon sword obsessions after our neighborhood event.
  • I had another quarterly movie outing at work, this time to Bourne Legacy. It was one of the best group decisions on a movie we've ever had. Although, my personal pick was Magic Mike. I was totally shocked I got outvoted by my almost all male coworkers! (Totally just kidding, my real vote was actually for Bourne Legacy).
  • Adam and I went on a movie date to see the Campaign, which was hilarious! (Two movies in two days, what?!) We had time to kill before the movie so Adam played the grabber game thingy and won me a stuffed animal on his first try.
  • Then we stopped at Sweet Frog where I enjoyed a dinner (yes, dinner) of maple bacon donut flavored frozen yogurt with a bunch of yummy toppings. It was awesome and mostly maple-y, not super bacon-y, in case you were wondering.
  • We finally got the van detailed after we brought home half of the beach with us a few weeks ago. The kids and I hung out at the farmer's market while Adam took the van to the Autobell down the road, and Lorelai thought the best thing to do was hang out in a huge puddle splashing innocent bystanders, despite my repeated attempts to grab her or convince her to look at pretty flowers! watermelons! bread! tomatoes! She wasn't into anything except the stupid puddle.
  • There were lots of scattered thunder showers this week, which was good because I didn't have to water. 
  • Plus, the clouds were crazy cool as storms blew by (Lorelai and I stood out in the wind to watch), and there was an amazing sunset on Wednesday. Adam and I had just put the kids to bed when the whole house started glowing orange, so we went outside to take pictures. Then I realized my neighbors were also out enjoying the sunset, and I was in a white t-shirt with no bra, so I went right back inside and let Adam handle the camera. Oops. I did go out back and catch the cool one above.
  • I had meetings like whoa this week. That was my calendar at the beginning of the week, and ended up adding several more meetings on Thursday and Friday. I have never had so many meetings ever. (At least they were all good, productive meetings for the most part, and lunch was provided for four days.)
  • Homework in the evenings has been really tough. Getting Aidan to focus while Logan is talking and trying to do his homework, and going back and forth between them answering questions, making them stay on task and not get's not fun. At all.
  • Adam was out of town on business for part of the week, so I was on morning and afternoon bus duty, which really sucks, especially when it means I walk into the building at 8:27 for my 8:30 meeting. 
That was my crazy week! How was yours?

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