Monday, August 20, 2012

Older and wiser (than me)

Happy birthday to my sweet hubby, who turned 33 today.


Very much like last year, his parents brought over burritos and cake for dinner, and we had a low-key celebration, just like he likes.

Also like last year, his sister, the boys and I added to his t-shirt hoard with an angry birds shirt the boys picked out (he needed one to match theirs!) and an old school nintendo shirt Anna got for him. The boys also insisted we find a PSP game for him so they could all play their handheld systems together (and they really like to watch him play). Gamer, t-shirt collector, mexican food lover and family man. That's Adam in a nutshell :)

I already mentioned we went to see Dralion for his birthday, which was awesome. What would have been more awesome is if I had actually surprised him with the tickets instead of him buying them himself. Wife fail.

Anyway, funny story: Adam got carded buying a beer at the arena before the show. The one who checked his ID mentioned to the lady at the other register that we had a birthday boy here. That other lady said "21st?" (as in, 21 years old?) and Adam responded with "no, 20th" (as in the date, 8/20). She looked over in horror at the lady who was serving him a beer, thinking he was underage, until I clarified that it was his 33rd birthday on the 20th. Her reaction was almost as funny as the fact that she actually thought he looked 21 :)


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