Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall freakout

So, I had a minor freakout the other day about the fact that it's almost fall. I had promised the boys I'd take them to the pool last weekend, and then Saturday turned out to be slightly chilly and rainy, and I started thinking we completely wasted our time this summer not going to the pool enough, and now it was too late.

I know we did other fun summer stuff, but for some reason, this whole pool thing got me really upset. Especially since the last time we went, Logan finally got up the courage to jump into the deep end and swim back to the side on his own, which was a big step for him. We totally dropped the ball by not keeping up his swimming motivation and momentum (if that's even a thing).

But then it was all good because on Sunday, it ended up being 80+ and sunny, so I took the boys to the pool while Lorelai napped at home with Adam.


Of course the water has already gotten cold again, which sucks, but it ended up being perfectly fine because I could relax on the lounge chair while the boys had a blast, blue lips and all.


I'm still not quite ready for fall, because it means putting away Lorelai's and my cute summer clothes, dealing with jackets, no more pool, and I'm worried it's going to be chilly at the end of September when we're planning to go back to the beach. Plus, I never ended up getting a tan. What's a summer without a tan?! :)

But on the other hand, Starbucks had pumpkin spice latte samples which started to get me excited about fall, and the thought of boots isn't so bad (if only Lorelai would wear hers, but she's "scared" of them!). If I can get a couple more pool weekends with the boys, I'll probably be ready to let summer go and embrace fall (and hope some of Lorelai's cute clothes still fit next year!).


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