Sunday, August 5, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 26}

This week I've got a super-sized photo dump to make up for missing last week. Although, I hardly took a single picture during the week before our vacation. Oops!

iPhone photo dump {week 26}iPhone photo dump {week 26}iPhone photo dump {week 26}iPhone photo dump {week 26}

  • First, the obvious big ones: The beach! The aquarium! Aidan's birthday! Lorelai's birthday
  • Lorelai got to wear her gorgeous party dress twice since we didn't have her party on her actual birthday. Maybe not the most appropriate outfit for the aquarium or a car trip, but whatever. 
  • When we got home from our trip, Lorelai was tired of having her party dress on, so she stripped down to her birthday suit--how appropriate :). (Thankfully, she hasn't managed to pull of her own diaper yet, even though she tried.) 
  • During dinner, Lorelai has been working on some new funny faces. My favorite is the sinister look where she cuts her eyes at you. I didn't capture the full look on camera, but I got one that came close. I told you she's full of personality. 
  • She also devoured an apple straight from the core. (Do I lose points if it was originally Logan's apple but he was done with it after a few bites? Sharing is caring and we'll worry about the germs later...) 
  • Knock on wood, but Logan has been much better this week. He's even been excited to do homework; his assignment the other night was to practice tying his shoes, and he's almost got it down. 
  • Adam pressure washed our patio. I had no idea how nasty it was until he started. It looks pretty great now, thanks honey!

  • I think Lorelai is sensitive to the caffeine in the chocolate frosting that was on Aidan's cupcakes, because she would NOT go to sleep on Saturday night, and was wide awake at 10pm. I held her while we watched the Olympics in the dark hoping she would fall asleep, but no luck. I finally had to take her into be with me and Adam. When I woke up at 12:30am, she had finally fallen asleep so I was able to move her to her pack n play. No chocolate for her, ever again (which won't really be much of a problem anyway since she has to avoid most of it due to her peanut allergy.)
  • We've got some mold on the side of the house behind where we had a flowering vine growing, and it won't come off with the pressure washer. We may have to repaint that section of the house, which would suck. 
  • I hate car trips, so the long (ok, not too bad, only 2.5 hours) boring drive home from the beach was not my idea of a good time. At least Lorelai (and my mom) napped, and the boys were content to watch their movie the whole time. 

And now, let's go all the way back to two weeks ago, so I can brag about the play kitchen we got for Lorelai for her birthday. I had visions of trying to DIY something awesome, but when I saw this on Amazon, and the price dropped to $129, I couldn't pass it up. Seriously, this thing is prettier than my real kitchen!

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Highlight: Lorelai LOVES it and so do the boys, actually. (The other highlight up there is the Target snuggles during last-minute shopping for her party.)

Lowlight: it took a long time to put together, and then the power went out halfway through. That caused the smoke detector in our bedroom to completely wig out, so we had to fix that before the kids woke up and ruined the birthday surprise. Ugh.

And of course I have to share the pics I instagrammed of Lorelai during her party. My 2-year-old cutie!

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  1. Your children are so cute! Can i follow you on instagram?

    1. Thanks! Sure, I keep forgetting to put my instagram info in the posts. I'm @alazycrazylife :)


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