Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bitey McBiterson

Don't let the sweet face fool you—if you mess with Lorelai, she will cut bite you*.

*In the cutest, least Bon Qui Qui way possible, of course :)

Her teacher keeps sending home notes that she's biting other kids in her class (mostly one girl in particular, but apparently she branched out and bit a different kid the other day). The note asks us if we'll talk to her and tell her that biting isn't okay. Which we do, and Lorelai completely ignores. Because she's barely 2. She probably doesn't even remember this long after the fact. But sure, we'll keep talking to her. Even the boys are in on it. "No biting, Lorelai, we don't bite our friends!"

Who, me?

We've been through this phase before with the boys, but from what I can remember, the boys were the victims more often than the biter. I don't know which is worse, actually. Lorelai's only been bitten once so far (several months ago), but I feel so guilty and ashamed every time I hear she's bitten again. (We've had four notes so far, I think.)

I (and thankfully her teacher) know it's age-appropriate and she's really not doing it to be mean or aggressive. Although, she does get in there with the boys and play rough and has bitten them in the midst of some energetic play, so maybe that's why she's more bitey then they were. But I also think she's doing it for attention.

More attention? No one ignores that cute face for long!

Either way, I'm so ready for this phase to be over. I don't like it one bit, and I had a bite mark on my thigh to prove it! That'll teach me for cooking dinner instead of getting her milk right away ;)

Those teeth are no joke!

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  1. Um, that first pic is SO stinkin' precious! You need to get that beauty put on a canvas and up on the wall. How can something so cute be so mean? ;-)

    Sorry about this! I hated when Leila was this age at daycare. She was always the victim, thouh.


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