Sunday, July 15, 2012

So long, Summer Break, we hardly knew you

And just like that, our 5-week summer break from school is over. For some reason, it seems like this one went by much faster than any of the previous ones we've had since Aidan's been in school, and I'm pretty bummed about it. Aidan's first day back to school is tomorrow, and Logan's is on Wednesday. Thank goodness they seem to be really excited about it.

We did make some more progress on our summer bucket list though.

Summer Bucket List 2012 updated

We did sparklers on July 4th.


Aidan was really worried he was going to burn himself as the flame burned down, but Logan was totally into it. We only had one pack, we should have gotten a bunch more, if for no other reason than I could practice with my camera settings and do one of those cool photos where everyone writes a letter with the sparklers.


Last weekend we had a picnic at the pool.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

We swam for a while and then moved to the picnic tables in the shade to eat our tuna salad. It was fun, despite the oppressive heat and bathtub water.


This weekend, we went out hunting for fireflies. Unfortunately, we only saw a few and didn't manage to catch any this time. Maybe they were scared of ghost Aidan? :) The boys were really bummed. I told them we'd try again later, but I'm thinking we might be too late this year. Procrastination fail.

hunting for fireflies

Tonight, we ate some homemade popsicles. I really wanted to do some creamy chocolate Fudgsicles from a recipe I saw on Pinterest, but I couldn't find any canned coconut milk at the store, so I scrapped that idea and just used some vanilla pudding we already had, and put some chocolate chips at the bottom of the mold.

home made vanilla pudding popsicles

Simple, but I think they were a hit, if this face is any indication. :)

Lorelai eating a popsicle

Nothing like waiting until the last weekend of summer break to check off a chunk of items on our list! Procrastination, as usual.

I don't think we'll end up doing a moonlight walk this year, since I completely blanked and missed the full moon this month. Although, I guess we could give it a shot next month, since it'll technically still be summer.

We're also heading to the beach in a couple weeks, so that will conclude our summer bucket list for this year. I don't think we did too bad checking things off. I do wish the ice cream truck had come around a few more times and we had some more rain without thunder storms, but I still think we had a pretty fun summer break.

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  1. Girl, you gotta do the moonlight walk! No way are you leaving one simple item unchecked on your list. Do it in a month - it'll totally still be Summer. :-)


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