Monday, July 9, 2012

It's potty time

For fear of the blog curse (where if you blog about it, you then have to eat your words), I haven't posted about Lorelai's adventures in potty training. But turns out there's also the curse of the Instagram, because as soon as I shared that Lorelai had magically gone pee on her potty several times, that was the end of it. Doh!

potty time

See, a couple of weeks ago, I figured I should probably get the little potty out for Lorelai to get used to before she moves up to the 2-year-old room at the end of the month, where they go hard core on the potty training. Two days later, she peed in the potty twice, and then each day after that for three days in a row. I cheered so loudly for her, I think I scared her, and I got the boys and Daddy to give her a hug and a high five. Success! (Don't worry, I'm not naive enough to think that was the end of diapers forever. But I did fully believe my child was a genius. I mean, obviously.)

Then I jinxed myself, and ever since, all she'd do was sit for a minute, then get up to look. Sit back down, get up to look. Over and over, until I could convince her to get in the tub and try again tomorrow. But tonight, she actually peed again, so maybe we're back on track (except for the fact that I just blogged about it and now she'll never do it again, will I ever learn my lesson?).

Time to get out our Potty Time DVD and play it until I want to strangle Elmo. (So, three times? yeah.) Oh, and I also have to teach her not to reach back in and touch the pee when she's done. Maybe Elmo covers that one?


  1. I shudder thinking about potty training again. Agh. By far my least favorite part of parenthood. Sending happy thoughts your way!

    1. Thanks, I'm definitely going to need it! I'm just so thankful our daycare helps with the training so much. I can't imagine doing it all on my own...


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