Sunday, July 22, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 25}

I don't even know what to say about this week. High points, low points, and a lot of stress in between. Ugh.

iPhone photo dump {week 25} iPhone photo dump {week 25} iPhone photo dump {week 25} iPhone photo dump {week 25}

  • We started off the weekend with back to school shopping and came home with tons of stuff. Is it just me, or is there something exciting about a fresh box of crayons?
  • We've been into french toast lately. Adam made a super yummy breakfast for us and we couldn't shovel it into our faces fast enough. (Side note: Lorelai thinks everything is more yummy if it comes straight from daddy's plate.)
  • We had another Star Wars movie night. Started it on Friday, finished it on Saturday with Starbucks. Starbuck + Star Wars, it's like it was meant to be. (Although I strongly prefer one over the other ☺)
  • We went to Brixx for pizza (and no one threw up this time!).
  • Adam was gone almost all day Sunday, but got home in time to go to the pool with us. Logan is doing so much better with his swimming, and even ventured out into the deep end with us!
  • Aidan and Logan both had good first days of school.
  • I think Lorelai missed not seeing Aidan while he was at school, so she was super excited to see him when she got home. He was doing his reading homework, but she cuddled up to him and stole his hand to give him high five. She also sat on his lap while he read to her. Melt my heart.
  • Lorelai in a mustache. Enough said.
  • Also, wine.

  • Thursday. The only good thing I can say at this point is the Logan did have an excellent day on Friday, and when we went back to daycare to pick Lorelai up, he did a great job delivering his apology note to his teacher. He gave her big hugs, and all of his friends hug-mobbed him because they missed him already (and were apparently really worried about him on Thursday).
  • My neck still hurts from trying to wrestle Logan out of the van.
  • My eye has been twitching since Wednesday. I'm blaming stress.
  • Lorelai's party is today and I hadn't really prepped or planned, let alone cleaned, until yesterday. Thank goodness it's just family and they (and Lorelai) hopefully won't care that I don't have a Pinterest-worthy party (although I do care).
  • Either Pinterest lied or I did something wrong. My nails were not hard as a rock after I soaked them in ice water for three minutes. I guess I'll just stick to the quick-dry top coat, or patience. But I was really disappointed that didn't work for me.

Hoping for a more even keel week coming up. Although I'm still banking on a lot of stress since we're headed to the beach and I haven't started planning for that, either.

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  1. Pinterest lied??? I so wanted to try that nail trick too : ( I stopped by because Mia from Chronicles of Chaos thought you were award worthy, and I couldn't agree with her more : ) Definitely leaving a follower!

    1. Thanks, so glad you stopped by!! Maybe I needed more ice in my bowl (by the time I got done painting, I had about 3 small cubes left), but I seriously can't imagine leaving my nails in water any colder that that for 3 minutes! Booo :)


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