Sunday, July 8, 2012

iPhone photo dump {week 23}

Tons of photos here to make up for the lack of posts this week while I was just enjoying our day off on Wednesday and the strange work week. I could get used to having a day off in the middle of every week!

Let's start in the middle of the week with July 4th. In the morning, we strolled around Target, birthday present shopping for cousin Shaun. Then we we just hung out at the house while Lorelai napped, until it was time to head to our friend's house for a cookout/birthday party. I guess the Target shopping tired her out, because we had to wake her up (the only upside to waking a sleeping beauty is that I was able to get a rare picture of her sleeping, awwww). At the party, the kids played on an awesome blow up water slide while the adults chatted, drank beer and ate our faces off. No fireworks for us this year, I think Lorelai is too young for all that noise. Happy birthday America, and happy birthday, Katherine.

iPhone photo dump {week 23} iPhone photo dump {week 23}

And here's what the rest of the week looked like: iPhone photo dump {week 23} iPhone photo dump {week 23} iPhone photo dump {week 23} iPhone photo dump {week 23}

  • Lorelai snuggles are always a highlight. Always.
  • The boys have been doing so much better playing Star Wars Wii and not getting frustrated and mad at each other. 
  • Lorelai has been really into her baby doll since last week. We named her "Emmy" (after a friend named Emily in Lorelai's class who she mentions all the time). Emmy likes to eat bananas and kiwi, and doesn't even care if they're shoved forcefully in her face :)
  • We had a family game night and played several rounds of UNO. I won the first game, oh yeah!
  • As soon as we pulled into the Chick fil a parking lot, Lorelai took off her shoes and kept saying something about a doctor. Once we got inside, I realized she was talking about the helicopter in the play area, and had already taken off her shoes so she could go play. The child has only been into that play area once, and she remembered it all. Amazing! But it was really hard to convince her to eat when the helicopter was so close...

  • What a convenient time, during a record hot streak, to discover that our upstairs a/c unit is not working right (the fan is running backwards or something?!). We already knew we had duct work issues, but now it's no wonder why my bedroom has been 85 degrees until the sun goes down. 
  • On Friday, we had a neighborhood-wide power outage. Thank goodness for a mostly charged 3DS to entertain the kids until Adam got home. It went out at about 5pm, and since I couldn't make dinner, we headed to Chick fil a for food and play area fun. Thankfully, it was on by the time we got home.
  • Random vent: no wonder I've gained weight, I eat like crap. I have no will power at all. After a particularly depressing moment on the scale after a July 4th binge, I've resolved (again) to lay off the junk food, especially at work. At least the lean cuisines and apples I've been eating are tasty, but I've been freaking hungry all week! And for me, hungry=grumpy. I really really miss my breastfeeding metabolism.
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