Monday, July 16, 2012

3rd grade, bring it on!

I never would have guessed a kid would be more excited to get back to school than be at summer camp, but Aidan was totally that kid. He was practically giddy last night and all smiles this morning as he got ready for his first day of 3rd grade.

Aidan's first day of 3rd grade

I didn't quite get it when he told me a couple of weeks ago that he didn't want to be in his camp class any more, he wanted to be back at school. But when we went to school last week to meet his teacher, I totally got it. He was totally in his element, showing Logan around, and saying hi to just about every other kid we passed on our way in and out. He missed his friends and his comfort zone. Who would have guessed—my son, a social butterfly (for the record I'm SO not, and Adam isn't either).

He came home today with the same huge smile on his face and said his teacher is awesome, he's got friends in his class, and he made even more friends. He sat right down to do his first homework assignment, and didn't complain once. Of course it helped that it was a fun get-to-know-you exercise, but still. Also? For one part, he had to put "someone you admire or your hero." Here's what he put:

I'm Aidan's hero
I'm his hero. ☺ The bottom part says "Because she helped make my bad dreams go away."
(I corrected his spelling.) Parenting WIN!
He also said that one thing he would change about school is "give it more math." I'd say that's another win, for sure. ☺

I'm just so happy he's got a love for school, and he's starting the year off on a positive note. And yes, I've still got my fingers and toes crossed it stays that way and we don't have any more issues like in first grade.

All smiles, all year. That's what I'm hoping for!

Aidan's first day of 3rd grade

And this little dude seems just as eager. Only one more day...



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