Friday, April 29, 2011

39 weeks, 1 day

I carried Lorelai in me for 39 weeks and one day, and that's exactly how old she is today, on her 9 month birthday. 

Lorelai9months 013-1 Lorelai9months 028-1 Lorelai9months 008-1

I don't have a picture of me on the day I went into labor with her (silly me, I was too busy getting my membranes stripped, working my last day of work and excitedly timing contractions to think about getting one last official belly pic...which I totally regret), but here is my last official belly pic, taken at 37 weeks.

Lorelai had her 9 month doctor's appointment the other day, and she's completely healthy and perfect, which we already knew. And no shots this time, yay! She's currently 20lb 14oz and 28.5 inches (80% for both). She's continuing to level off on her growth curve as we expected. (Check out her previous stats.)

Lorelai9months 038-1 Lorelai9months 004-2

She’s still sleeping really well (knock on wood), although she does sometimes like to wake up at 5 or 5:30 and start talking. I usually go in and give her a pacifier so we can go back to sleep until about 6:45 and she's cool with that. I'm still nursing her, and she's been doing really well on solid foods. Her pincer grasp is really good so she likes to feed herself if we put bits of food down. Fortunately she still eats purees too, because I still have tons of frozen squash and sweet potato cubes in the freezer!

She's still rocking the vampire look—no top front teeth yet, but her other lateral incisor just cut through the other day, and her bottom two front teeth came in at the same time two weeks ago. The doctor seems to think the top front teeth aren't far behind, but I'm not so sure...  

No crawling yet. In fact, she hates being on her belly. She can get into a semi plank position and can move around in circles on her belly, but fusses if she's down there for too long. She prefers to sit and scoot around on her butt. She's getting pretty good about moving around that way! I should say for the record that both boys had started crawling by now, but I'm in NO hurry for Lorelai to crawl. Crawling means some serious baby proofing needs to happen (i.e. 495782 small plastic choking hazards that the boys call toys need to be banished to their bedroom) and that will be quite a feat that I'm not looking forward to.

Speaking of the boys, she still can't get enough of Aidan and Logan, and they can make her laugh like no other. They're still smitten with her, too. They refer to her as "baby girl" in the most affectionate way, and it warms my heart beyond words how much they love each other.

Lorelai9months 021-1
Lorelai9months 024-1

Happy 9 months, sweet baby girl!


  1. That last picture is priceless! They are all so wonderful!

  2. Your children are beautiful!!! Sweet baby girl between brothers with banged up knee & leg bruses - precious pics ;)

  3. Becks - I love the smile/kiss Lorelai is giving Aidan in the first group shot! Logan is such a ham!

  4. Thanks girl! I'm so glad I got that moment on camera :)


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