Friday, April 1, 2011


The boys may have forgotten that today was April Fools day, but I didn't! I pranked them this morning and they were so surprised. I switched the bags in the cereal boxes and made jello instead of juice in their cups. Simple, but funny to them, and a happy start to the morning! I did end telling Logan it wasn't Friday, but that only lasted for second to avoid a major meltdown like yesterday.

Gotcha! It's not juice, it's jello!

After Aidan realized that today was April Fools, he ran around pulling all the chairs out from the tables, putting my bags on the floor and putting random stuff in a bag and getting me to guess what was in it. When I got it wrong, he would say "I tricked you!" It was pretty hilarious what he considered to be an April Fool's "prank." Although, considering my totally lame pranks, it's not like he had much inspiration to go on! Ha.

He also kept asking me if I was done pranking him. I'm sure they'll both be disappointed, but unfortunately I didn't plan well enough to do anything more elaborate today (especially since it's a school day). I did think about switching them in their beds last night, but decided that might confuse them if they got up to go to the bathroom. I definitely didn't want to pull a prank that would backfire on me in the middle of the night. But who knows what I'll come up with next year...mwahahaha!

Happy Friday!


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